No. 9 Done: Dima Jitovetsky

Dima Jitovetsky

Dror Center’s main goal since its founding in 1992 has been the training of auditors. Dror’s technical team is working tirelessly to train auditors easily and quickly while ensuring 100% Standard Tech for maximum achievements of the preclears.

Dror’s major Tech breakthrough is the full alignment of auditor academy training with the processing requirements according to Hubbard’s Bridge to Spiritual Freedom.

For example, the first auditing action a preclear usually receives is the Life Repair Program. However, at the Church of Scientology, one must be an interned Class 4 Auditor before one can deliver Life Repair. This slows the training of new auditors since auditors-in-training are prevented from auditing their preclears on Life Repair. Further, due to ‘too-long-a-runway’, there are few Class 4 interned auditors available for the many preclears demanding to go up the Bridge.

At Dror, when an auditor trainee completes the Metering Course, they continue with the Life Repair Auditor Course and can immediately audit their preclears on Life Repair. Our Senior auditor and Case Supervisor, Aviv Bershadsky, explains this here.

Since Dror began delivering this course, they have made nine Life Repair Auditors. Dima Jitovetsky is the most recent Life Repair Auditor Course completion – Number 9! On his course, Dima audited Natan Karachev who completed his Life Repair program with great wins. Last week we published Natan’s success.

Today, we are proud to announce that Dima Jitovetsky has completed the Life Repair Auditor Course! We asked Dima a few questions about the course. This is what he said:

How did it feel to study the first Bridge auditor course?

Excellent. It was fascinating to acquire the practical knowledge of how to give these processes. Auditing is fun! You are effectively helping another person and they are happy. It makes you feel wonderful.

Did you have any personal achievements from this course?

The biggest achievement is finishing the course and acquiring a new skill. Like driving a car or flying a plane. You learn an action and you perform it. It’s an achievement! And on top of that, it has helped me improve my ability to communicate with people.

Do you think others should train to be professional auditors?

Sure! To help other people on this planet!

What is your goal regarding your studies?

My main goal in life is to become an auditor capable of giving NED processes, and bring people to the State of Clear. I am extremely grateful to Dror’s Tech team for making it possible for me and every person to become an auditor who can bring everyone to Clear.

Here you can watch Dima’s success story from the course:

We invite you to make the first step to becoming a professional auditor.
Join us on our mission to turn the world into a better place.

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