Kindly Meet: Natan Karachev

Natan Karachev

We are happy to introduce Natan Karachev.

Natan Karachev is 35 years old. He immigrated to Israel from Russia with his parents in 2000.

Since 2017, Natan has been working as a professional real estate agent. He came to Dror Center about a year ago with his friend, Ruslan Aminov, who invited him to a lecture for businesspeople about the organizing board.

Upon arriving at Dror, Natan met auditor Carmela Weizman. He says:

“I have reached a point where I needed help. I felt that no matter what I was doing, it was wrong and didn’t work. I didn’t want to go on like that. I wanted to fix it. I was constantly stressed, and experienced sharp ups and downs. I couldn’t understand why it was happening, so I came to Dror looking for answers. This is the only place I knew that could help me.”

Natan’s first course was ‘Stability and Prosperity.’ He says:

“Even before finishing the course, I ended my relations with two people because I realized that they were the source of my ups and downs. I even managed to improve my relationships with my parents and sister, which is a huge win to me!”

Natan continued with the ‘Effective Communication Course’. He says:

“What an amazing course! The main point of it is practice, practice, practice, and it works. I can feel it in my daily life. When meeting with my clients, I always receive positive feedback at the end. People say they feel comfortable around me, and that I’m pleasant and authentic. My clients tell me I communicate much clearer than other real estate agents they worked with.”

Natan also received ‘Life Repair’ auditing from Dima Jitovetsky. Dima has been a part of Dror Center for many years now, and he recently completed Solo NOT’s. Additionally, he is training to become an auditor. As part of the ‘Life Repair Auditor Course’, Dima gave auditing to Natan.

We asked Natan about the Life Repair auditing he received from Dima, and his reply was:

“Wonderful program! The bottom line is that we, as people, have fears and we either look for answers or we coil up within ourselves. I’m always looking for answers. This auditing provided me with plenty of answers to questions I had and it has given me a totally different perspective on life. The quality of my life is much better now.”

To read more about life-repair auditing, we recommend this article written by Dror’s senior auditor and C/S, Aviv Bershadsky.

Would you recommend Dror Center to others?

“Of course! I bring my friends here all the time. It’s definitely important and results in improved quality of life.  You meet a 60-year-old man and you can tell that he has lots of charge and that he’s handling things all wrong. You tell yourself how great it is that you discovered this technology now, and how unfortunate it is that some have not. They will keep living their lives with all this tension.”

What do you plan to do next at Dror?

“I want to do the ‘Executive Freedom Course’ and the courses that come before it. And of course, I want to continue with my auditing."

Here’s a video of Natan’s success story when completing Life Repair auditing. Natan talks Hebrew, you will find English sub-titles:

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