And now…
Don Schaul is a Solo NOT’s Auditor!

Don Schaul

As our readers may well know, Dror Center has been delivering Ron’s magnificent New Era Dianetics for Operating Thetans since 2013!

The first two pre-OTs to start Solo NOTs at Dror were Eyal Tzoref and Alex Shur.

Within a few months, Alex Shur completed Solo NOTs.

We soon realized that there was some confusion regarding these fantastic levels discovered and released by Ron Hubbard in 1978 due to alterations entered by the Church. Our auditor and Advanced Org C/S, Aviv Bershadsky clarifies NED for OTs here.

Tami Lemberger, our lead C/S also contributed to the understanding of the upper levels.

Most recently, Dima Jitovetsky completed Solo NOTs.

Our latest Solo NOT’s Auditor Course completion is Don Schaul. Don has done his entire Bridge at Dror Center, see here:

In December 2020, Don completed OT Drug Rundown.

In January 2022, Don completed Audited NED for OT’s.

Don is the founder and manager of Clearing Center in Tel Aviv which is getting tens of new people on the Bridge each month. There is strong cooperation between Dror and Clearing Center, both using the LifePower Library as a basis for courses intended for the broad public.

Please see below a video of Don’s attestation to the Solo NOTs Auditor Course:

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