Congrats to Solo NOT’s Comp: Alex Shur

Alex Shur is the first to complete Solo NOTs at Dror Center. Thanks to Dror’s staff, who did a comprehensive work of research, compilation and study, everyone can now do the upper levels of the Bridge in Israel. The full Bridge is open and available for every person who wishes to step on it, and we do not know of anybody who does not.

A few words about Solo NOTs:

The End Phenomena of Solo NOTs is “cause over life”.

On the Bridge, as published by the Church, the stage of NOTs appears as three separate OT levels! NOTs was divided by the Church into three levels, as follows:

  • New OT V is the first part of NOTs received by a professional auditor,
  • New OT VI is a course in which you train to audit yourself on NOTs, hence “Solo NOTs”. On completion of this course you are qualified to deliver NOTs to yourself.
  • New OT VII in the Church is the level where you audit yourself on NOTs till completion of the whole NOTs band.

This structure and numbering was not done by Ron Hubbard!

When this division of NOTs was done in the Church, and the numbering of OT V to OT VII was given, four of the original OT levels were removed (the “original” OT Levels IV, V, VI and VII). Apparently, someone decided that we should not attain full OT abilities. For more information about these levels and the changes the Church made, see here.

We asked Alex to tell us about his progress up the Bridge:

The person who introduced me to Scientology is Pavel Shahar, in 2002. I started my auditing at Dror Center, when they were part of the Church of Scientology. I progressed there up to NED completion, “almost Clear”. In the Church, if you want to go beyond Clear, you have to do it at an Advanced Organization. Thus, since 2009, I started to travel to the Advanced Organization of Europe, AOSH EU, in Copenhagen. I did there all the levels from the Clearing Course up to OT V. During these years, in addition to auditing in Copenhagen, I also did quite a few courses at the Tel-Aviv Org and I was active in their OT Committee.

Alex receives his Clear certificate from the Captain of the Advanced Org, Copenhagen
Alex receives his Clear certificate from the Captain of the Advanced Org, Copenhagen

In 2012 I decided to leave the Church together with my friends at Dror Center. During my activity at the Tel-Aviv Org and in Copenhagen I witnessed needless and wasteful activities which did not advance Scientology. Additionally, I was exposed to a lot of data indicating that the Church lost its direction and does not further the original goals of Scientology. To the contrary, the activities of its management prevents the expansion of Scientology and drives people away from the Bridge.

We asked Alex about the differences between auditing in the Church and at Dror:

The auditing at Dror was always professional and 100% standard. When I started with the upper levels in Copenhagen, I was fortunate to receive auditing from very fine auditors. The things that happened out of session were bothering me: constant requests to donate money to the IAS and other things. It got to the point I could not walk around the Org freely without someone trying to get me to donate. It got so far that on the OT levels they made it clear to me that without donations to the IAS, they will not let me move forward on the Bridge. Besides the fact that it made quite a hole in my pocket, it interfered with my progress on the higher levels.

When I went back to doing solo auditing at Dror, I really understood the term “distraction free environment”. In addition to the professional training and supervision at Dror, delivered standardly, I also have complete peace of mind.

Upon attesting to Solo NOTs, Alex said the following:

Today a couple of weeks after attesting, Alex told us: “From my viewpoint today, after attesting Solo NOTs, I feel that I have been reborn. I have a great urge to study new things so that I can apply my full potential that I have now acquired”.

5 thoughts on “Congrats to Solo NOT’s Comp: Alex Shur”

  1. Dear Alex,

    Very Well Done for achieving this wonderful State. We are very happy for Dror first Solo Nots completion. Your example would lead to more OT’s wanting to this beautiful level in the filed without arbitrariness and Out-Tech.

  2. Congratulations to Alex and VWD for your achievement!!!
    VWD to Dror team!!! This is the result for the application of standard tech!!!
    An amazing accomplishment!!!

  3. Absolutely fantastic and well done to you Alex and to the team of Dror.
    This is a great job you are doing. KOL HACAVOD!

  4. This is fantastic and incredible, well done Alex.
    Who would have believed this possible a few years back?? Like you, I have experienced
    auditing as an Indie, and specifically at Dror – nothing like it!!
    Enjoy your state, and fly high!!!

  5. I’m so happy for all involved, that our right to move up the bridge in a safe environment,is being preserved and offered by dedicated and caring people. I encourage other groups to form, like the Dror center, and continue their spiritual journey, to achieve free beings as LRH intended.

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