The Return of Josef

Josef Therling
Josef Therling

Josef lives in Berlin and for many years he has been doing Scientology.

In February 2014 he came for a visit to Dror Center, to get to know Dror’s staff and to see with his own eyes if Dror fulfills his expectations from a Scientology group.

Josef received some auditing and in his own words: “My expectations were more than fulfilled”. He got back to Germany and wrote about his experience in the German blog of Free Scientologists and finished his writing with the sentence:

“I was looking for friends but have now found them. I am very glad that I was at Dror; soon I will be there again”.

We wrote about it here.

Josef returned to Dror a few months later, In December 2014. He arrived for a period of nine days during which he continued his progress up the Bridge. Before leaving, Josef shared his success story with us as you can watch in next video:

After Josef returned home to Berlin, his reality on his achievements became stronger. He decided to share with us what he calls: “My real Success Story”. Here it is:

Dear Aviv and Tami,

Now, a short time after I left Dror Center and being back home ‘in life’ in Berlin, I want to tell my real success-story. The product of my last 9 days at Dror Center.

My wins are in such an enormous range. Never before have I felt so much ‘fully me’, in such a strong and happy way. Also, upsets blow away much faster than before.

My communication with others at work or wherever is more direct and spontaneous and full of joy. I feel much more motivated and full of hope. Life is great!!

Many thanks to all my friends at Dror Center. Aviv, you are wonderful. It is great that I found you!!

Josef Therling

12 thoughts on “The Return of Josef”

  1. VVWD, Dror staff! Always lovely to hear that the tech really does still work. Josef’s wins sound much like those I got back in the 60s. Keep on keeping on!

  2. Congratulations Josef! I really understand what you are talking about. As a Dror public for many years I can say that Dror team produce such wins in regular basis!

  3. How many vets have we lost since the 60’s.There’s a wealth of thetans out these whom I will call ” disaffected or ARC broken

    1. Many, many thousands. The biggest exodus (fitting word on this blog) was probably in the early 80s when the Mission Destruction and Theft took place. For several thousand, at the least, that was their breaking point. How many are still in the indie system is not known.

      L’chaim, Peter

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