All Are Invited

Dear friends,
Please join us on Friday, 20 May, for a once-in-a-lifetime celebration.
And we do have a lot to boast:

  • Thirty years of Dror Center’s activity,
  • Ten years of rapid expansion since departing the Church of Scientology,
  • New releases of books and materials in the LifePower library,
  • Housewarming for Dror’s beautiful new premises.

5 thoughts on “All Are Invited”

  1. Good Luck Danny and Tammi your voice is heard in Israel and aboard: “ – the Way to Freedom from the Church.”

    1. Dani+Lemberger

      Happy to see you here, my dear friend Chicko!
      Since you are in Haifa, I hope you join us for the celebration.
      Best wishes, Dani

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