The Key To Life

Communication is life’s most important skill. In our day-to-day life, we need to constantly establish understanding with those around us: our clients, peers, friends, and family. It is true that communication is the key to happiness and success in life.

How often have you felt that you missed an opportunity after you could not arrive at an understanding during a meeting with a client or a loved one? There is a myriad of reasons that might cause this:

  • An inability to feel comfortable when standing in front of another person.
  • Racing thoughts that cause distraction, resulting in a lapse in the conversation.
  • Misunderstandings brought about by an incorrect presentation of ideas.
  • Mishandling of received communication, stirring feelings of frustration or an upset with our partner.
  • Not receiving a proper response to our communication.

In the Effective Communication Course, based on the Complete Communication Manual, the student is trained to handle any situation that might arise during a conversation with another person. On this course, one studies the full theory of the magical Understanding Triangle and then drills to perfection the eight Communication Drills developed by Ron Hubbard.

Itay Cohen is a real estate agent who recently completed the Effective Communication Course. Itay tells us that he constantly uses the tools he acquired on the course in his personal and professional life. Itay shared with us his wins from the course:

“On the Effective Communication Course, I studied and acquired plenty of tools and techniques to communicate. I must say, the further into the course I was, the higher my confidence and ability to communicate were.
I highly recommend this course to anyone who works in sales or in any field that heavily relies on communication with others. In fact, this course is great for anyone who wishes to increase their confidence and be cause over life.”

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