Don Schaul Does Audited NED for OT’s

Don Schaul

We are extremely proud to announce that Don Schaul has just completed Audited New Era Dianetics for OT’s (Audited NOT’s).

Following Dror’s departure from the Church in 2012, extensive research and study was conducted by its top Tech specialists to ensure that Dror delivers the entire Bridge, exactly per Ron Hubbard. The results of this project were described by Aviv Bershadsky, Dror’s OT Levels Auditor and C/S in two articles he wrote:

In 5 May 2016, we posted an article by Aviv about the OT Levels based on early publications by the Church

In 4 April 2019, we published a vital article explaining New Era Dianetic’s for OT’s.

New Era Dianetics for OT’s was a major release by Hubbard of 1978. It is a level giving the individual fantastic wins, delivered in two steps. The first step is “Audited NOT’s” where you receive this level from a highly-trained auditor. At Dror, it could be Tami Lemberger, Aviv Bershadsky or Dima Dubinin. Upon completion of Audited NOT’s, one proceeds to the second step, “Solo NOT’s”. One does the Solo NOT’s Auditor Course and then once perfectly proficient, one continues to audit NOT’s independently at home, under supervision of Dror’s NOT’s Case Supervisor.

And now, back to Don Schaul: Don began studying Hubbard’s Tech when he was just 10 years old. His mother, Ronit Schaul, was on Dror Center’s lines, and he decided to join her.

In the following years, Don trained all the way as a Class 5, NED Auditor. In 2012, Don left the Church together with his friends at Dror Center.

In 2014, with support and encouragement of Dror Center, Don Schaul established Clearing Center Tel-Aviv, where seminars, courses and auditing are delivered based on the LifePower books. The team of auditors and supervisors at Clearing Center Tel Aviv provide services to over a hundred people each month, many of whom continue up Hubbard’s Bridge.

Don and his staff are doing a fantastic job spreading Hubbard’s technology to new public in Israel. In addition to his hard work helping others, Don is also busy progressing up the Bridge. Each week, he comes to Haifa to study and advance at Dror Center. Here’s a brief review of Don’s progress:

In March 2019, Don completed The Solo Auditor Course.

In September 2019, Don completed OT 2.

In August 2020, Don completed OT 3.

In December 2020, Don completed OT Drug Rundown.

Today, we share with you a short video of Don’s attest to Audited NOT’s. Enjoy!

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