Don Schaul Completes the Solo Auditor Course

Don Schaul
Don Schaul

Dror Friends is happy to announce that Don Schaul completed Solo Auditor Course, Part 1.

Don Schaul began training on Hubbard’s technology in 2001 at Dror Center, continued at Jo’burg Org, South Africa and reached the level of Auditor and Case Supervisor Class 5 in 2008. Two years later, at age 15, Don moved to Malmö, Sweden, where he held the post of Qualifications Secretary, Division 5.

In November 2012, Don left the church and joined free Scientology in Israel. When leaving, Don published his Doubt Condition, detailing the outpoints he observed, see here. Don founded Clearing Center in Tel-Aviv in 2014, getting many people on the Bridge through monthly Dianetics seminars.

Don attested Clear at Dror Center and is now advancing on the O.T. levels.

We invite you to listen to Don. Enjoy!

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