Don Schaul Does the Next One!

Don Schaul

We are happy to announce that Don Schaul has recently completed the OT Drug Rundown!!!

Don Schaul has been diligently advancing up the Bridge, while introducing hundreds of people in Israel to the wonders of Hubbard’s philosophy. In 2014, Don founded Clearing Center in Tel-Aviv, where hundreds each month are doing courses and auditing. Don has specialized in delivering Dianetics seminars and courses based on the LifePower Books.

In March 2019, Don completed the Solo Auditor Course.

In May 2019, Don received his invitation to the OT levels.

In September 2019, Don completed OT 2.

In August 2020, Don completed OT 3.

And today, we are happy to announce that Don just completed the OT Drug Rundown!

You are invited to watch Don’s success story. Enjoy! Eitan

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