Don Schaul’s Invitation for OT Levels

Don Schaul

On 5th March we published a post of Don Schaul’s completion of the Solo Auditor Course, Part One.

Don later attested to completion of Solo Auditor Course, Part Two. Today, we are happy to announce that Don Schaul has completed his OT Preparations and OT Eligibility and has received the invitation from Dror’s C/S to do his OT Levels.

While Don is continuing his progress towards the OT Levels, he is very busy helping other people go up the Bridge. Don did his training and reached the level of Auditor and Case Supervisor Class 5 in 2008. After leaving the Church, he founded Clearing Center in Tel-Aviv in 2014. Don is getting many people on the Bridge especially through monthly Dianetics seminars.

You are invited to see below Don Schaul receiving from Aviv Bershadsky the invitation for OT Levels. This time it’s in English, so we think there is no need for subtitles.

Thank you for watching, Dror Friends

3 thoughts on “Don Schaul’s Invitation for OT Levels”

  1. VWD Don and DROR centre.
    I glad you make it. I know you from Copenhagen and Malmo.
    I was the folder admin and handled some folders back and forth.
    ml, adriaan witte

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