Presenting: The Personal Integrity Program

Aviv Bershadsky

Dear Friend,

Here is Aviv Bershadsky, Dror Center’s AO Auditor and Case Supervisor. 

If you ever received services at the Church of Scientology, especially the OT Levels, you most probably had to do “Lower Conditions” as part of your Eligibility or on an “Ethics Handling”. If this is the case, you can relate to the pain which I suffered when I did mine.

First, at the Church, you feel like you are being punished. Second, there is not much explanation in Hubbard’s policy on how to apply the Lower Conditions, compared to the “Higher Conditions” from Non-Existence on up. Third, you are doing the “Lowers” with anticipation of being asked for a donation and a ‘walk of shame’ when collecting signatures at the end of Liability Condition.

I am sure you got the point. In the Church, you are doing the lower conditions for your Ethics Officer, your Org or for God knows whom, but NOT for yourself!

That’s a pity, because these conditions are actually extremely powerful. And we found out about it thanks to Mary Freeman.

Frankie and Mary Freeman

In 2013, Tami and Dani Lemberger conducted a ‘Grand Tour’ in the USA and visited many independent auditors and groups. Among others, they visited Frankie and Mary Freeman in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

Mary is a Class VIII Auditor and C/S who was trained by LRH on the Apollo ship. She was on the Apollo when Ron discovered and described the Lower Conditions of Existence, so she has first-hand knowledge of them.

Based on her training and vast experience, Mary created a very effective program that handles all of a person’s conditions from Confusion up to Power, on the First Dynamic.

The program isolates your inner enemy that sabotages you from inside as well as damages your relationships with others. This is the enemy that invalidates you, diminishes your abilities and stops you from progressing in life.

This program is well suited for people at the beginning of the Bridge as well as for people who are high on the Bridge. This is so, since  various considerations and intentions may stand independent of mental masses. (HCOB 27 March 1984, C/S series 119, Stalled Dianetics Clear Solved)

Mary’s Personal Integrity Program, (“PIP”) combines expert know-how of Hubbard’s Ethics, Admin and Auditing Technologies and smoothly brings you up your personal conditions. For many of us, this is the first time ever!

Dror Center has been delivering this program with great results since 2013.

I did PIP in 2013 with Tami Lemberger. At the time, I was an Audited NOTs completion. Though already an OT, I had huge, amazing cognitions that turned my daily life into a pleasure instead of a struggle.

Over the past year, with the current travel restrictions, this program came handy in providing services to our public oversees, as it can be delivered online. Here are two recent success stories.

Ivana Lustincova

First, from Ivana Lustincova from Prague, the Czech Republic, who recently started the program with me: 

“Dear Aviv, 

“Thank you very much for your help and inspiration. I cleared the definitions and I’ve got a big win. I’ve got a new concept of the ‘viewpoint’!!!

“The point is that the universe constantly moves, everything is constantly changing. I need to observe and look at everything, all the time in PT, in a new time, new moment, new space. If I use my viewpoint from yesterday, it is not the point of consciousness from which I perceive now.

“A being can change viewpoints. This means that the being is aware and perceives every moment like a new moment. The more he is able to be in PT and to observe, the more he is able to change his viewpoint.

“The more ARC the being has with the environment, the more of a being he is. A being is a point of view, he is ARC. The being  perceives and understand.

“I am the point from which I can be aware, I understand, I have ARC, that’s me. :-).

Thank you, Ivana”

Kaspars Cveigelis
Kaspars Cveigelis

The second success story is from Kaspars Cveigelis from Riga, Latvia who has completed PIP with our AO Auditor Dima Dubinin:

“With this program, my C/S, Tami Lemberger, was spot on! 

“On the program, I was surprised by the approach to the Conditions. I studied this data in the Church, but it did not give much results, since the work was done on the second and third dynamics.

“In this program all the attention is on your beingness, on the first dynamic. This is because your actions will lead to the same result if you do not change your beingness and your viewpoint.

“The gains from this program are comparable to the gains I received from auditing. I highly recommend the program! Thank you, Kaspars”

If you have any questions about the Personal Integrity Program, please let me know by replying to this e-mail.

Have a wonderful day! Best regards, Aviv

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  1. Thanks Aviv!
    Thank you Mary Freeman!
    Thank you Frankie Freeman!
    Thank you anyone who is availing himself/herself to get the treasures of LRH Tech!

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