Zoom to Affluence

We recently began posting sections of a seminar delivered by Dani Lemberger, in Riga, Latvia, in August 2022. This seminar covered the vital subject of the Operating Conditions and their formulas. Dani demonstrates how correct application of this vital piece of Ron Hubbard’s Admin Tech, can enable everyone to reach power and prosperity.

On 20th January, we posted the first part: What is a Valuable Final Product, the three components of every organization, what are statistics, their graphs and trends.

On 27th January, we posted Part Two, an overview of the operating conditions.

On 3rd February, we posted the third part, which is about handling the condition of non-existence.

On 3rd March, we posted the fourth part, where Dani talks at length about the condition of danger.

On 10th March, we posted the fifth part, in which it is told how to navigate from emergency and into normal.

Tami and Dani Lemberger were in Riga to support the steadily expanding  LifePower Center, brilliantly managed by the group’s leaders, Kaspars Cveigelis and Gatis Dreivins. LP Riga delivers auditing and courses to an ever-increasing number of people eager to progress on Hubbard’s Route to Spiritual Freedom.

Most of the public at LP Riga are business owners, thus they have a strong interest in Hubbard’s Administrative Technology. The seminar is based on the book Executive Freedom, written by Dani to summarize the fundamentals of Hubbard’s Admin Tech.

In the seminar, Dani explains the structure of organizations, what are statistics, what are the Operating Conditions that Hubbard discovered, and then presents in detail the formula for each condition.

Today, we present Part Six of the seminar, where Dani discusses Affluence Condition and the ways of maintaining it. As usual, subtitles in English were added for your convenience. Enjoy!

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