Improving Conditions in Life – Part 1

The LifePower Center of Riga, Latvia is steadily growing, with more public attending courses and receiving auditing. This impressive progress is navigated by the leaders of the group, Kaspars Cveigelis and Gatis Dreivins who are regular guests at Dror Center.

To support the rapid expansion, Tami and Dani Lemberger visited Riga in August 2022, delivering seminars and meeting many individuals who have a strong interest in Ron Hubbard’s Tech and are seeking to progress on the Route to Spiritual Freedom.

Given the fast growth at LifePower Riga and since most of the public are business owners, a major topic of interest is Hubbard’s Administrative Technology of which Dani is an expert. Thus, the subject of the seminar delivered by Dani is ‘Improving Conditions in Life’, based on the book Executive Freedom. Dani wrote this book based on his vast experience as a manager and years of studying Hubbard’s Admin Tech.

In the seminar, Dani explains the structure of organizations, what are statistics, what are the Operating Conditions that Hubbard discovered, and then presents in detail the formula for each condition.

Today, we present Part One of the seminar: What is a Valuable Final Product, the three components of every organization, what are statistics, their graphs and trends.

Due to a technical flub while recording, this part of the seminar consists of sound only. In place of the video, we show the presentation slides that Dani used. As usual, subtitles in English were added for your convenience.


2 thoughts on “Improving Conditions in Life – Part 1”

  1. Thank you Kaspars and Gatis for putting all your time and effort into establishing a center in Riga that can deliver LRH Tech and Admin Tech!
    Thanks for hosting us – we had a great time with you and your precious friends!
    As always…
    Much love

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