Kaspars Is 7 Centimeters Away

Kaspars Cveigelis

Kaspars Cveiģelis is a familiar face on our website. Kaspars began studying Scientology in 2012 at the mission of Riga, Latvia. He soon noticed many outpoints and contradictions between Hubbard’s Tech and what goes on in the church. In 2016, he and his buddy Gatis Drevins arrived at Dror Center to receive training and auditing. They realized that Dror is THE place for Standard Tech and have kept arriving steadily since then.

After experiencing many wins and personal improvements with the Tech, Kaspars and Gatis decided that it is their duty to help others. Thus, in 2018 they opened the LifePower Center of Riga, delivering Hubbard’s Tech to new public. The courses and auditing they offer are based on the books written by Dani Lemberger, which they translated into Latvian.

After a two-year interruption due to travel restrictions, Kaspars was back at Dror in April 2022. On this visit, he gave Dani a fascinating interview about his activities and expansion at LifePower Latvia.

Kaspars continued advancing up The Route to Spiritual Freedom, this time he completed Grade 2 – Relief Release. We invite you to watch a video of Kaspars’ attest:

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    1. Love your comment! Well done on your Grade 2 wins. I did that grade many years ago in LA – 1973 to be exact. It was wonderful then, I’m sure at Dror it is wonderful now. Good luck on your journey.


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