Our Main Man

Kaspars Cveiģelis is definitely our main man – a close friend and partner of Dror Center. Kaspars, together with his partner Gatis Drevins, are the founders of the LifePower Center in Riga, Latvia.

Kaspars discovered Scientology in 2012 at the Mission of Riga. He felt an immediate connection to Hubbard’s technology, realizing it was a wonderful thing that aims to benefit humanity. He received auditing and did courses in Riga, the Advanced Org in Copenhagen (AOSH EU), and even traveled far to the Tampa Org and the Belleair Mission, Florida. In all these Church orgs, Kaspars encountered a strong interest in his money but lousy service and severe out-tech.

After observing the vast discrepancy between Hubbard’s Tech and the Church’s conduct, Kaspars decided he does not want any connection to them. Within a few months, in 2017, he found his way to Dror Center, where he was delighted to see Hubbard’s technology being applied accurately.

Since 2017, Kaspars and his close friend Gatis have been coming regularly to Dror for training and auditing. In 2018, they realized that they want to do more than go up the Bridge themselves – their higher purpose is to be able to deliver the Bridge to the people of Latvia. Kaspars and Gatis established LifePower Center of Riga in 2018, they translated the LifePower Library to Latvian, and now deliver all LP courses and auditing to over 50 public in Latvia.

Kaspars last visited Dror three years ago, before his travel plans were interrupted by the Corona pandemic. Now he is back and ready to soar through the grades to the State of Clear. His buddy Gatis will be here in May to continue his auditor training.

While Kaspars was here, Dani held a lively conversation with him. They allowed us to record it so we can share it with you. We are sure you’ll enjoy this!

4 thoughts on “Our Main Man”

  1. You are great, Kaspars!
    Yours and Gatis’ actions of going up on Hubbard’s Bridge and helping others to become familiar with it via the LifePower books is admirable!
    Much love,

  2. My desire to help people has been around for a long time. My mission was hampered by a lack of effective technology and tools. Now i have it.
    Thanks to Tami um Dani and the entire Dror team for keeping standard technology and making available to everyone
    Thanks to my oditors Aviv and Dima for strengthening me so that I can continue my mission.
    We can change the world.
    If we each took 10 of our friends and they each took 10 again, the world would be cleared in a few years.

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