An article written by Dani Lemberger, 8 April 2022

On 24 February 2022, the world woke up to the roar of tanks, jets, artillery, infantry, rockets, missiles, and naval forces charging into Ukraine from across its long border with Russia. What a shocker that was! We had long considered that war in Europe was an impossibility, belonging in history books recounting World War Two which ended in 1945. With the rest of media consumers, I was incredulous as we witnessed a replay of that horrific war.

And since that day, we see online the pictures of scattered corpses, dismembered men, children gripped with fear, hysterical mothers grabbing babies, millions left homeless, apartment buildings turned to rubble, people fleeing but nowhere to, thriving cities demolished as their overwhelmed inhabitants scratch for food and water.

Thousands of kids, Russian and Ukrainian, are now orphaned since their heroic dads have sacrificed their lives for the motherland’s glory. And I do know something about orphanage – having lost my father, a senior officer in the Israeli military, when I was just five years old. And to this day, 65 years later, rare is a night that I do not muse what life I would have had, had I had a dad.

It seems the whole world is in turmoil and terror. Commodity prices are skyrocketing, economies are shattered, defense budgets world-wide doubling as weapon merchants rub their hands with glee.

One cannot but be amazed at the cruelty, the sheer evil, that is bringing such suffering upon millions of people. How is it that an individual, in this case Russian president Vladimir Putin, can muster the audacity to order millions of his people to destroy the lives of millions of their neighbors? How is it that in Putin’s mind, his own life or status or ideas or beliefs are of such overarching importance as to nullify the lives of millions and the security and prosperity of humankind as a whole?

There is nothing novel about this as we have seen repeatedly in history, as in the Second World War, perpetrated by a deranged individual, Adolf Hitler, who took tens of millions of lives and brought his country to ruin and ended his own life in a bunker as Russian troops, then liberating heroes, stormed Berlin. What fanciful ideology could prompt Hitler to conduct such horrific crimes as ‘The Final Solution’, gas chambers, racial cleansing and death camps? Yet at the time, 1930’s, he was a deified hero to most Germans.

And just recently, in Syria, Putin’s protégé Bashar al-Assad has massacred hundreds of thousands of his own people since they defied him and wished for a whiff of independence and democracy. How can such audacious cruelty be explained? What went through Assad’s mind when he ordered the gassing of a proud village or the annihilation of towns that fancied another leader?

Pity the people of North Korea, now under the stranglehold of grandson Kim Jong-un. Almost eighty years of harrowing agony under a weird dynasty specializing in famine, deprivation, and nuclear weapons. What is Kim thinking of when he orders execution of aides who have fallen from grace, assassinates family members, or when he denies the populace the right to travel or speak or live like their brothers to the south?

History is packed with such cases. I mention these last three as they are more recent and notable. Possibly it eases the burden of blame on Putin, as he’s not the only one, certainly not the first one, he’s just following in the footsteps of notorious evildoers.

But what brings about in a person the willingness to commit such heinous crimes? How does one become a brutal soulless beast? What is that person telling himself when he goes to bed at night? How can one lay his head peacefully in a secluded ornate chamber of an opulent palace when millions of his victims are cowering in underground shelters shivering of cold, trembling with fear, barely recalling their last wholesome meal?

The renowned American philosopher Ron Hubbard wrote, “The act precedes the thought.” The great Jewish scholar, Maimonides, 1138-1204, is quoted as saying, “Our mind’s thinking follows our heart.” What we learn from these men of wisdom, and kindly take a moment to observe yourself and those around you, is that one’s actions are driven by emotion or urge or desire or interest. Then, having done the deed, good or bad, one rationalizes or justifies what has been done. We’d like to think of ourselves as calculated and cool, that our doing follows thinking and planning; but in fact, these philosophers state, we take some action and only then figure out good reasons for what we just did.

Psychologists talk of ‘rationalization of cognitive dissonance‘ – a person does something bad or in conflict with earlier decisions resulting in dissonance (‘mental noise’). One then must lessen that internal tension by explaining it away, rationalizing or giving excuses.

Some whim, urge, necessity, lust, or fear, drives ‘Dear Leader’ to go to war on our neighbors as they sleep or butcher a few hundred/ thousands/ millions of our own people. Now, if he is in a position of great power, he’s probably a smart guy. We find that high intelligence does not result in sensible or decent behavior. On the contrary, the very smart guys do the crazier things because they have more ability to rationalize. Their acts are driven by emotions, they hate with vehemence or are terrorized by their deep-seated paranoias. But being extremely sophisticated and keeping in their entourage the greatest minds of their nations, means that they can come up with very fanciful ideologies to glorify the sacrifices made by their victims.

A popular source of beliefs that enable mass killings is religion. Probably most wars were fought in the name of God. Even Hitler said, “Gott mit uns.” (“God is with us.”) I live in Israel, where Jews and Muslims have been at each other’s throat for well over a century. The Jews say it’s their ‘Promised Land’ and they are the ‘Chosen People’, while the Muslims are on a never-ending suicidal Jihad.

And so it is with Putin. He would never go to war if it was just for his own sake or to gain petty territory for Russia. No, war must have a grand design and he is on a mission dictated by God Almighty or fate – he happened to be there; destiny chose him for a holy crusade. As a man of honor, he cannot shirk duty. (As an aside, you will note that all these wars of honor were instigated and fought by men, never by women.) Putin too has notable religious leaders and great intellectuals lavishing glory upon him as he sets on a crusade to save humankind. Yes, he’s not going to war on Ukraine for himself or just for Russia. This is a mission to save humankind.

Putin has been commanded to go to war, or at least commended for doing so, by the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Kirill. In his sermons, Patriarch Kirill has painted the war as an apocalyptic battle against evil forces that have sought to destroy God’s unity of Holy Russia. He congratulated Russian soldiers as defenders of the fatherland and said that they have chosen a very correct path in their lives (note that for Kirill it’s ‘fatherland’, never ‘motherland’). Kirill went on to describe the conflict as having ‘metaphysical significance’ and warned his flock that the price of admission to the happy world of Western consumption and freedom was terrible.

“We are talking about something much more important than politics,” he said, “We are talking about human salvation.” Kirill went on to plead, “Someone must pray for our united people,” waving his staff that symbolizes his role as spiritual shepherd for over 90 million members of the Russian Orthodox Church. “Someone must defend God’s truth that we are really one people.” This line is often exclaimed emphatically by Putin, referring to the people of Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine. The people have no choice over this, they must be united under God, and those who dare reject it are heathen to be dealt with accordingly.

Kirill’s motivation for this war is plain. For almost a thousand years, the Christian Orthodox Church in Ukraine was part of the Russian Church with the Patriarch in Moscow presiding over one hundred million believers. Kirill was humiliated in 2019, when the Ukrainian Orthodox Church declared its break from Moscow and became autonomous. His calls for unity are in fact his wish to have both churches reunited under him.

Kirill and Putin are stout Russian nationalists sharing religious and political ideologies. They portray themselves as defenders of traditional Christian values against the excesses of an immoral and decadent West symbolized by gay pride parades, same-sex marriage, drugs, and feminism. Also, they stand bold to protect their culture from the stealthy onslaught of Western culture creeping via the internet throughout the world.

Yet a soldier, we know, cannot hobble to battle on one leg. A warrior must have two sturdy legs to charge forward and carry the heavy loads of weaponry and ammunition. Likewise, the politician sending young boys to kill or die – he figures two ideological pillars are better than one. For those who reject the ‘traditional’ religious crusade, the politician readies the ‘modern’, intellectual, rational thesis as a call-to-arms.

And for Putin, the second ideological leg is provided by a brilliant academic, Alexander Dugin, considered the greatest living Russian philosopher. Dugin, born 1962, has been active since young age in political organization promoting Russian nationalism and influencing Russian leaders. He has built great repute and influence, having written more than 30 books, most noted titled Foundations of Geopolitics (1997) and The Fourth Political Theory (2009). Dugin speaks excellent English and has recorded many talks in English to be viewed on YouTube or on his own blog, www.geopolitica.ru.

Dugin advocates a view now popular in Moscow that Ukraine should become “a purely administrative sector of the Russian centralized state,” to which he refers as Novorossiya, ‘New Russia’, spanning the territory that was part of the vast Russian Empire of past ages. Dugin rejects degraded ‘Western Democracy’ and calls for an illiberal totalitarian Russian Empire to control the European-Asian continent, ‘Eurasia’, which extends from Dublin in the west to Vladivostok in the east as the only way to challenge American dominance and its ‘Atlanticism’, as embodied in NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

A recent post on geopolitica.ru is titled, ‘Those Who Love Freedom Will Support Russia!‘ while the besieged city Mariupol, where thousands have been killed, or have only lost their homes, is promised by Dugin a bright future in an article, ‘How Mariupol Will Become a Key Hub of Eurasian Integration.‘ Dugin’s grand vision may have truth to it and is certainly founded on hundreds of years of common Russian-Ukrainian history; the only flaw being that the Ukrainians have not been consulted and since they seem to disagree, they are butchered, as most recently in Bucha.

Yet make no mistake, Dugin’s geopolitical doctrine concerns humankind and the entire planet. He would not stoop low just to promote Putin’s selfish conquests. Per Dugin, the Ukraine war is part of a campaign to save us all from an American dictated ‘unipolar’ world order and its decadent culture. The world, until the tragic collapse of the Soviet Union some 30 years ago, was ‘bipolar’, two major superpowers running the show with their distinct political structures and social cultures. Following the collapse and dispersal of the Soviet bloc, the world was left to be taken over by a single world power, the USA. This historic blunder, fault of the old Communist Party, must now be set right before we all become subjugated to a progressive-liberal-globalist system, designed by a conspiracy led by Clinton – Obama – Biden – George Soros – Bill Gates and their ilk.

Dugin further states, “without Ukraine, there is no Russia; while with Ukraine, Russia is great again.” Russia must annex Ukraine so that it can carry out its mission for the sake of the entire world. A reunified Russia, under the bold leadership of Putin, will put an end to America stealthily taking over the world and will then facilitate the emergence of new world powers in Asia – China and India, in Africa, and in Latin America. These new powers will be free to create their own cultures released from American dictates. Thus, thanks to Putin and his victorious military, we shall have a ‘multipolar‘ world, no longer an oppressive ‘unipolar‘ world.

(Kindly note: The above is my summary of Dugin’s geopolitical vision, as best as I grasp it. I am probably missing finer details.)

The major point of contention in Dugin’s and Patriarch Kirill’s view is that ‘democracy’ is a pretense, an invention to justify creeping American imperialism. The Americans are selling the world ‘human rights’ and ‘freedom’ but in fact are taking over subtly with their uniform culture of materialism, hedonism, destruction of the family, secularism, anti-nationalism, multi-national corporations exploiting the planet, globalism, fluid gender sexuality, perverted arts, widespread drug use, and progressive liberalism. Only a Great Russia can put an end to the rot spreading and guarantee a multipolar world where all nations and cultures can flourish.

The views of Kirill and Dugin certainly strike a chord with many who are not happy with the current world scene. I happen to believe that any belief or school of thought that justifies genocide or mass killing is sick. An intelligent man concocting an ideology to justify violence that decimates neighboring nations is a criminal, a pervert whose grand ‘ideas’ are a cover-up for pure evil. I happen to live in Israel, a country which I am sad to admit has committed crimes, including mass murder, against our neighbors, the Palestinian people. But talk to most politicians and generals here and they give you incredible justifications why it had to be done or was just a preventive measure as the sacred Talmud says, “If someone comes to kill you, rise up and kill him first.”

A final note about this horrendous war, and all wars are meritless, cruel, and barbaric. By most accounts (well, those that I read), the war is not going well for Putin. He has been humiliated by the failure of his army in reaching its goals. They are not winning the war whereas the Russian leader’s expectation was to take Kyiv in a few days and being greeted by the Ukrainians with flowers. The Russians had no doubt that Volodymyr Zelenskyy will be swiftly bounced and replaced with a Moscow favorite. This failure comes as no surprise (to me) as autocrats are lousy managers. This is the saving grace for those who favor democracy. Dictators ultimately fail and bring ruin upon themselves!

Why is this so? And how comes I state it with such certainty? Good managing is a blending of ideas and viewpoints. A true leader encourages his subordinates to disagree with him, even argue with him. Yes, servile, meek subordinates are quickly replaced by a true leader. Those who have views, ideas, novel interpretations are the ones elevated and listened to. A competent leader, who can also manage, has the rare ability to accept conflicting views and then weld them into a new whole. Thus, the organization or nation prospers.

The dictator? Oh, no! His subordinates’ major concern is to keep their heads attached to their shoulders. They are intimidated into submission and will always tell Great Leader what he wants to hear. Blind loyalty means they keep the sweet perquisites of power and privileges of being close to the ‘one and only’.

In a democracy, or a corporation run by shareholders, the leader has limited powers, he is constantly monitored, the workers or citizens can go to independent courts to sue the government. Most telling, free press dogs the government, keeps it on its toes, and exposes the population (or shareholders) to raw information for their own decision-making. A final point of comparison: In the US, the president can remain a maximum of eight years in office; there are now five living ex-presidents (Carter, Clinton, Bush, Obama, and Trump). In Russia, Putin has been wielding absolute power for over 22 years. Luckily, he has no son waiting to step in.

Students of Hubbard’s philosophy are familiar with his explanation of the Third-Party Law, to which I have dedicated Chapters 10.2 and 10.3 of the book, Executive Freedom. (This book is part of the LifePower Library. For the reader’s convenience, I attach a copy of these two chapters here.) Hubbard observed that all quarrels and strife between individuals or nations stem from a ‘Third Party’, sometimes concealed, that is inciting the two parties to fight. Hence, the agitator is the third party involved. Typically, in the absence of the third party, the two sides should be able to get along fine. Enter the third party, a friend to one side or sometimes to both, and they’re at each other’s throat. The Russian and Ukrainian people have been close and friendly for centuries, until politicians and warmongers enter the scene.

It could be that in Putin’s court, these two, Kirill and Dugin, perfectly play the role of the Third Party, driving Putin to war against Ukraine to recover the lost flock for Kirill’s Church or to realize Dugin’s vision of a Great Russian Empire. Possibly, without the ideological incitation of these two and their cohorts, Putin would not have gone to war, sparing thousands of lives, billions of Euros, and ultimately his own role in history. Putin, a once-revered leader worldwide, is now a despicable pariah to many, oft likened to Hitler or Stalin. His very own people are suffering heavily from this artificial conflict, and it soon could be that Putin too will go down in violence. Ultimately, it is true that ‘You reap what you sow.’

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  1. I would have preferred to read this interesting article on a private line and not through the Dror page. Having said that, might add my own interrsst in the fact that multiple (12) CBR sites were operating in Ukraine and financed by the pentagon. (CBR means “Chemical , Biological and Radiological) and refers to the generation of bioweapons in the name of “research.). Wuhan had on e of these where the Corona materials were taken, and from which place they were released in China. Biden’s footprints are all over this stuff. Again, not the business WE are in, but certainly a good demonstration of the Anti-Social at work. Shreff

    1. Hi Shreff, good to hear from you!
      Yes, you are right, I was deliberating about the choice of location to post this. It has nothing to do with Dror Center’s activity which is purely to get people progressing on Hubbard’s Bridge.
      Still, I allow myself some liberties and welcome others to voice their opinions.
      As an Israeli, I see my country committing crimes and I am upset to see suffering in other places. This is above politics.
      We Scientologists operate on the Fourth Dynamic, humankind. Wars are something we abhor.
      I prefer the American system, an imperfect democracy, because it affords people more freedoms. Most other systems are less beneficial for the majority of the population.
      Thank you for your long friendship and support, Dani

    2. Hello Shreff, unless I misunderstand you, it seems you relay exactly what Russian propaganda is pouring on their national TV where sharing any other viewpoint (including saying Russia is at war against Ukraine. But what is it then?) makes you liable to 15 years jail. Talk about freedom of speech!
      I wished you gave some honest verifiable references to what you are I understating about chemicals, etc.

    1. Dani+Lemberger

      Thank you, Christian. I appreciate you being here.
      As you can see from other comments, not all agree that I am “stating it like it is.”
      Ron says that “open and willing exchange of viewpoints” is high on the Tone Scale.
      So I guess the group we have here is pretty uptone!
      Wishing you success and continued progress, Dani

  2. Excellent article, Dani. Good job of connecting the dots. I was not familiar with these two, but am very familiar with their kind. As I was reading this I was wondering – is Putin following a course “imposed” on him by these two or are these two aides merely crafting a narrative that neatly encompasses Putin’s desire to be the next Stalin? Life in an echo chamber is a precarious one. One keeps hearing the same song, the same lyrical expression of how great one is, how faultless one’s plans are, and how the world will appreciate them someday. The same history shows us that all evil ends eventually. That kind of horror within a human body never lasts very long.

    Putin, like all despots, is part peacock. They need to be praised and admired by more than their own people. Even Putin knows that they may cheer him in the streets of Russia, but that’s because he has lied to them. He needs the admiration of other dupes like Trump, who only admire their ability to control others and be feared by them. Amazing how this is a quality to be sought after.

    Anyway, as stated, good piece.

    1. Dani+Lemberger

      Thank you Joe for being here and commenting.
      We are free to express ideas and exchange viewpoints.
      Others have corrected me which I appreciate.
      No individual has a monopoly on wisdom or truth.
      I relish the great time we spent together when we met in 2013.
      Love to Dora and you. Best wishes, Dani

  3. Hello Dani,
    I’m glad to read something from you again.

    The being is good!
    The being wants apparently harmony, peace and security/survival.
    According to my observation, there are two ways/survival strategies to achieve this goal, there are big differences.

    1st way – The goal is to be reached by: Guidelines, ethics, freedom, inspiration/information, self-determination, tolerance and inclusion of others, if all in the group are willing to cooperate to a similar degree, there is harmony, peace and security.
    The path includes: decentralization, responsible thinking, diversity, democracy.
    Conflicts are tried to be solved with understanding, reconciliation of interests and cooperation – it is about reason and the greatest possible freedom for all, not about power.

    2nd way – The goal is to be achieved by: rigid order/morality, surveillance, manipulation, control/suppression, intolerance or singling out/killing of those who think differently, when all in the group think the same way there is harmony, peace and security.
    The path includes: Centralization, obedience without thinking, equalization, dictatorship/autocracy.
    Conflicts are tried to decide by fighting with strength/power – eat or be eaten.

    Both ways work.
    Both ways have advantages and disadvantages.
    Where beings are on the tone scale, they will prefer one way or the other.

    I don’t know if my view is true, but maybe it helps you a bit to understand the situation.

    Kind regards from Berlin
    KRC Ingo Krehl

    Translated with http://www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

    1. Dani+Lemberger

      Hello Ingo, thank you for your comment.
      For me, only the 1st Way works. In your words: “decentralization, responsible thinking, diversity, democracy.”
      This is the way we operate at Dror Center. Tami and I established it 30 years ago as a private business, but 12 years ago we changed it into a partnership.
      At Flag, they told me that this is not according to LRH policy. We still did it and it proved a smart move.
      There is high KRC, all partners have full responsibility for the activity, and decisions are made by the majority.
      I further explain this and give examples in my book, Executive Freedom.
      Our world is far from perfect. We do our best to make it better using Hubbard’s Tech.
      Best wishes, Dani

  4. I used to abstain from commenting that sort of statements on the current situation since the very first day of operation in Ukraine. And, indeed, if you ask me if I support the war, an obvious answer is that a sane person would never support a war or hostility. But (there is always a “but”!), the war there did not start on the 24th of February 2022, it started 8 years earlier, after Maidan forced (and illegal) change of power in Ukraine, significantly inspired and supported by American politicians working there and visiting Maidan (you can find famous Victoria Nuland cookies in the web). Maidan itself was something unrealistic to me and it was weird, when people ruined beautiful Kiev streets to attack police performing their duties (police did not attack protesters, it only protected the president). And there were many of those who disagreed with results of that forced change, who openly said that the change was illegal, who did not recognize and accept the new leader and his pro-American and anti-Russian political course. Some of those who disagreed were violently killed – you probably never saw that story of 42 people burned alive in Odessa House of Trade Unions. Others who disagreed were people in Donetsk and Lugansk (D&L), who stated that they do not want to go the same way – that was done via an open referendum, which results Ukraine never accepted. And from the very first moment Ukraine started military offensive against D&L, and didn’t distinguish whether it was civil population, women or kids – for the last 8 years thousands were killed by Ukrainian army despite several officially given promises, including Minsk Protocol (Minsk Agreement), and Ukrainian authorities openly stated that they were not going to observe them and they would keep offensive against D&L (look for the Alley of Angels (алея ангелов) as an example). Along with that, new Ukraine authorities were requesting membership in NATO and having NATO troops in their territory very close to the Russian border, NATO and USA kept supplying them with weapons, teaching and drilling their officers. Along with that, USA opened and supported several laboratories in Ukraine working with biohazard substances, developing deathly viruses (plague, etc.), which is a mass-destructive weapon. Along with that, Zelensky stated an intention to develop a nuclear bomb. There are many other interesting facts, that you might have not known about. So, yes, my first thought also was about Third Party, but to me it is so obvious that a Third Party is on the other side, across the Atlantic Ocean, whose monetary benefits of having weak Russia, weak Europe and, ideally, weak China, are demonstrable.
    You say they have a true democracy there, and we don’t have it here in Russia. That is funny. Putin was elected twice in 2000 and 2004, then in 2012 and 2018 – all in accordance with Constitution, and by the majority of Russian citizens. You may claim dishonest elections, but such statements are not true – people support him, as I do, not all of course, but the majority does. Not because we’ve been “brainwashed” but because indeed there is no other serious candidate who can take it over from Putin, a true leader. Navalny never was a leader for opposition, not even a competitor to Putin. And there are no “others who are abroad” – there are those who made themselves rich during 1990-s and now are afraid of prosecution, but this has nothing to do with political affairs and attempting of doing something good for their country. Another funny thing about “their” democracy is that it is very selective with sharing the information with people – this article of Dani shows it pretty well. Information is not shared, sometimes is blocked. Some Russian channels and media are now blocked in a number of countries, including US, briefing of Russian official representative of a Foreign Office was deleted and blocked in Youtube, and some journalists, who shares the footage were “kindly” asked to remove it and never do so again, Russian journalists were not admitted to the NATO and G7 summit in Brussels. Interesting approach, isn’t it?
    And then, for the sake of that democracy USA / NATO bombed Serbia in 1999, including civil objects, hospitals, roads, bridges, electrical substation so that entire country was completely left without electricity for a few days – I still can see the traces with my own eyes, and Serbs still remember how scary it was – they still wonder why Russians did not protect them at that time, like Russian usually did in the past (although they understand that in 1999 Russia was weak itself, but that was a time when the other world loved Russia and its always drunk ex-president, a shame of my country). For the sake of that democracy USA / NATO ruined Iraq, which was a lovely country in 1980-90-s, safe to the extent that one could leave a car open with key inside in a street, and now I saw it with my own eyes how poor its people live, while the country is full of weapon and unexploded bombs in the fields. Afghanistan and Syria – all were doing pretty well, until they’ve got injection of democracy.
    You mentioned Bucha and put photos – that is another example of how “democracy” treats information: you’ve seen terrible photos, but Russian troops left the town 4 days before, and for a 4 days’ corpses they look pretty well… And if you try to find a footage you may see there in a car’s rear mirror that one of the laying “corpse” move his hand after the car passes, and then gets seated – if you don’t believe in zombies, that footage itself puts a big question mark on the whole story.
    So, yes, there is a conflict, and there if a third party. But the reasons of said conflict is not with Russia or Putin. And the way Ukrainian representatives behave themselves during the talks and the way they treat said talks, the fact that they keep receiving weapons from US and other NATO states, shows they all do not want to get it closed.
    L. Ron Hubbard technology says that a Clear (and I guess, it means that any other thetan who is higher on the Bridge) does not make mistakes, unless s\he gets wrong data input. And my 25 years of professional experience shows that to make a good judgement you have to collect the data from both sides. And I do respect Dani for his courage and brave decision to break-up with the Church and maintain the Technology, when he showed his critical thinking. Therefore, I believe that this article is a results of wrong data input, while the data was fed by mass-media in a very selective manner. And therefore, I would encourage Dani to look at the whole topic again, make additional search (we’ll be happy to assist), and abstain from the well-organized Western campaign of “demonizing” Putin and treating the operation in Ukraine as an unjustified Russian aggression motivated only with anti-gay Orthodox ideology. I appreciate the fact that this is not an official position of Dror Center.

    1. Dani+Lemberger

      Dear Angelika,
      You and Igor are close friends of our group!
      I appreciate the many years of support and our common goal to forward the application of Ron Hubbard’s philosophy.
      It is true that my article is missing a lot of detail. I admit I am not an expert on Russian-Ukrainian history. So if my conclusions are mistaken, I regret this.
      The main point I wanted to emphasize is the tragedy of war; that evil acts always find an ‘ideology’ to justify them. Again and again, we have seen this in history. And, to my regret, in my country too.
      Dror Center is not involved in politics or analysis of world events. Dror only delivers Hubbard’s Tech in the best way possible, with the aim of making it possible for every person to achieve spiritual freedom.
      I allowed myself the liberty to publish this article on Dror Friends’ website. Some readers have commented that this is an error.
      Dror Center was established by Tami and me 30 years ago. Twelve years ago it became a partnership. We make our decisions by majority vote and encourage all our friends to voice their opinions and exchange viewpoints.
      I am grateful to all who visit our site and express their ideas, Dani

  5. It is easier and more correct to say that Vladimir Putin is just protecting Russia and particularly its borders. Ukraine has been and still is one of the most corrupt countries in Europe. This has been recorded in the news for years. NATO was not to expand, and it was promised by the West it would not, and what has the West been doing these last years, right, nothing other than expanding the NATO.

    There are about 15 biolabs in Ukraine, just guess who put them there? You may wish to ask Barack Obama about them. And now they plan to place rockets at the border of Russia, something the US did not allow to have placed at their border which was the rise for the Cuba crisis. Why should Russia allow that when the US itself would not?

    The US is responsible for about 90% of the wars fought. They even invaded Iraq because of faked satellite pictures. They boldly lied about the whole thing! Just hear the things that Sleepy Biden is saying about Putin. He appears to be just a copycat of Bush Jr. who also went about it like that to his then adversary. Strangely enough Bush Jr. and his comrade in mischief in England were not even send to jail. Vladimir Putin did not provoke nor create this war, the West did. Now why is US with Sleepy Biden as the front man interfering in Europe? They have no business in Europe!

    There is this tape from L. Ron Hubbard, ‘It Is a P.R.O. World,’ then why are people all about that Vladimir Putin is all bad? That all the bad comes from Russia and never-never-never Ukraine, the true ‘freedom fighters’ and ‘heroes’ as told by Volodymyr Zelenskyy, this established actor and singer? Why are people believing that Russia is losing the war, when they are not? Why is anyone thinking that Ukraine could win a war with Russia? Have all senses died, has everyone gone mad? Did we forget about the Azov Battalion based on Mariupole, this nice neo-Nazy outfit? Vladimir Putin makes reference to Nazis in Ukraine, which the West pretty much and boldly denies.

    Why the notion that only man could be responsible for such things like causing war? It just happens to be so that man have been placed in positions of power during most of the recorded past history of this planet. As if Mary Tudor was so innocent who earned the label ‘Bloody Mary’. More recent in time, now what would anyone think people like Jucinda Ardern and Ursula von der Leyen are up to, just to name two?

    If Angelika has right (see earlier response on this page), then the article misses the target by about a mile.

    1. Hey Michel, thank you for being here, reading the posts, and commenting.
      My big win is that we are now a large community of people using Hubbard’s Tech and we are free to communicate and exchange ideas.
      All you say may be right, I am not informed about all aspects that you mention.
      However, you and I are fortunate to be living in democratic, liberal countries where we can talk about things, express our opinions, and practice the philosophy of our choice.
      Wishing you all the best, Dani

      1. The democracies of the day are only called democracies by name, when in reality they have revealed themselves being true dictatorships. Look for example at at Canada, New Zealand, Australia. Trudean, Ardern and Andrews are brute dictators tramping on basic human rights There is no freedom of speech left there. if you oppose the opinion of the rulers they will simply freeze your bank accounts. These democracies in name have given the impression to be democracies al long as they to some degree do an ok job, but the times they are a-changin’. Europe is going in the same direction and this very very rapidly. When global control is accomplished by the elite it is bye-bye to Scientology.

        So many people have been forced to take experimental vaccines. in total violation of the Nuremberg Code from 1947.

        L. Ron Hubbard has said this was coming, if man doesn’t stop it in their tracks, then it is all over…

  6. Hi Dani,
    Just finished reading your article and some of the comments. Found the religeus aspectyou mentioned interesting, haven’t seen that anywhere else. It’s hard to get to the truth of things, especially these days, and as you mentioned, some know more of the situation than others. I happen to think that there is a broader picture and from my experience Bill Robertson’s “The Third World War” predicted pretty well in 1984 what is going down now.
    Lots of Love from Grenchen

    PS: I cringe every time when you or other Scientologists ,for that matter, refer to LRH as “Hubbard”, sort of puts him on the same level as other scientists or philosophers.

    1. Lieber Marcel,
      Thank you for being here and commenting.
      I agree with you that with LRH and Bill Robertson we have stable data that explain things that are happening and enter some order into life.
      I refer to LRH as ‘Hubbard’ when addressing non-Scientologists. Many are not familiar with the acronym LRH.
      We’ll see ya soon in Grenchen. Love, Dani

  7. Hello everyone
    It is interesting to read the opinions.
    As we all know, absolute do not exist. Nothing is 100% right or wrong. Everything has its reasons or excuses.
    War used to be just war. Now, in the information age, various social and media platforms are also acting as essential weapons and we have to be very, very, very careful.
    It is clear that the world is insane and the madness is only gathering. That is why LRH has already done everything for us and left us the tools to change this situation. ARC, Overts-motivators, word clearnig methods, Comunication and control drills and many more.
    The Dror Centre cannot do it alone. We all need to take responsibility about world future and involve as many people as we can in our philosophy and the closer to the government and the people who have the power the better and then one day we will wake up and hear on the news that there is peace on earth🙏

    1. Hey Kaspars,
      Thank you for responding here.
      Yes, Dror Center is not going to “clear the planet” single-handed.
      The work done by you and the team at LifePower Riga is highly appreciated.
      Best wishes, Dani

  8. Always good to ask questions, plenty of questions, question things.
    Here we have much misery and death, restimulation and that’s not good.

    I agree with Kaspars we all need to take responsability and step out of fixed ideas, withholds, overts, motivators and making wrong.

    Not to speak of engrams and worse enslavement methods.

    War is war and it means something is wrong and hidden and not-asised. Means something is not looked at as it is.

    Suddenly whole planet’s fragile order is messed up and that’s not good. Not to speak about nuclear threats that we suddenly are experiencing.

    Wherever LRH is and does, what would he like us to do ?

    There are many issues on planet Earth that need to get tackled, like nuclear waste, radiation for the next hundred thousand of years, food, and getting up the bridge.

    How many Ukrainiens and Russians are getting up the bridge ?

    The reactive mind is one of the issues that need to get handled. That’s something new, never seen and done before. And it works !

    So thank you Dani for what you are doing and all the other people I don’t know
    to get people on the bridge.

    1. Hello Mary707
      “War is war” – No, war is a level of communication. Especially on non-analytical levels, it is important to communicate on the appropriate level of reality in order to be understood.
      Greetings Ingo

  9. Hello everyone,
    I would like to quote Hubbard on a text written in 1970 about the anatomy of thought. (This is in Data Series 1R)
    “A FACT is something that can be proven to exist by visible evidence.
    An OPINION is something which may or may not be based on any facts.
    Yet a sloppy mind sees no difference between a FACT and somebody’s opinion.”

    “A vast number of people see no difference at all in FACTS and OPINIONS and gaily accept both or either as having equal validity.”

    “If opinion instead of facts are used in solving problems then one comes up with insane solutions.”

    I wish to give examples:
    Opinion: Bush pretended that Saddam Hussain was hiding mass destruction weapons. This was pure lie, yet the US based their invasion of Irak on such opinion.
    Fact: No mass destruction weapons were found in Irak.
    Fact: Putin issued a law stating that anyone saying that Russia is at war against Ukraine is liable to 15 years jail. Is that fake news? Is that democracy?
    Fact: About 85% or more of Mariopol is destroyed.
    Fact: The mayor of Melitopol has been kidnapped and remained prisoner from russian soldiers for 5 days till he was released due to an exchange of prisonners. After this he went to France (one or 2 weeks ago) and other countries to witness on what’s happening in Ukraine. He said he was interrogated for many hours about possible nazi activity in his city. He said his city is 100% russian speaking and russian friendly, and he had not seen a nazi in 33 years. He was shocked by the lack of understanding from those soldiers.

    Putin pretends that Ukraine has 12 or 15 chemical/biological laboratories to attack Russia. Where is the evidence?
    I didn’t believe Bush and I don’t believe Putin.
    Please take the care to properly evaluate data. There are many fake news around.

    In the same text from Hubbard, he says:
    “A system of thinking derived from a study of psychotics is not a good yardstick to employ in solving problems. Yet the “thinking” of heads of states is based on illogical and irrational rules. Populations, fortunately less “well educated,” are assaulted by the irrational (kooky) “thinking” of governments. This “thinking” is faulty mainly because it is based on the faulty logic shoved off on schoolchildren.
    “You must study geometry because that is the way you think” is an
    idiocy that has been current for the past two or three decades in schools.”

    Take care!

    1. Hello Jacques,
      it’s a good approach, on closer inspection it’s more complex.

      My view:
      I am aware of knowing almost nothing from my own experience, as truth or fact, and even at that I can make mistakes in my observation.
      I have neither the time nor the possibility to check all the information I receive for its truthfulness.

      In practice, I am concerned with the credibility of information.
      So I look at how the information is communicated:
      • What level of emotion do I recognise?
      • How does the communication feel? Firm or light?
      • Is it about “either/or” or “possibilities”?
      • Is it generalised or differentiated?
      • Is communication open, transparent and comprehensible or are statements disseminated?
      • Is one’s own opinion made clear or is it formulated as a general opinion?
      • Are one or more different points of view/possibilities presented?
      • Are other people devalued or is the exchange on a factual level?
      • Is the person/group capable of criticism/conflict?
      • How does a person react to a question?
      • Is the “hero or victim” strategy used in response to uncomfortable questions?
      • Is the focus on emotion or factual information?
      • Are sources given? And does the source substantiate the statement?
      • When making statements from statistics, it is important to know the statistical design.
      • Is authority used as an argument for accuracy?
      • Is the person likeable? I believe likeable people more easily.
      • Does the information correspond to my point of view? I also believe this information more easily.
      • Logic is only one indication of correctness.
      • Is there causality or only correlation?
      • What is the temporal, spatial and thematic context of a piece of information?
      • What part of a piece of information is credible and what is exaggerated, downplayed, added, omitted or taken out of the original context?

      I use all these points as indicators to assess how credible a piece of information is. It is enough for me to judge a piece of information as mostly credible.

      Truth is what it is, even a different view changes that!
      It is difficult to find the truth.

      Found today and fits the topic:
      Disinformation – speech at the G7 Disinformation Conference 2022

      Greetings Ingo
      Translated with http://www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

  10. Hello everyone,

    There was a post by Angelika which I think should be answered and clarified so that the post won’t give a false impression similar to the one created by the Russian’s propaganda machine.

    I am not sure how one gets labeled a Suppressive Person under the LRH’s admin tech, but I would definitely put Vladimir Putin under that category.

    Just look at the product that Putin is delivering and the statistics of that product. Every leader of a country should be thinking about the wellbeing of his people. Other than the statistics of the economic block, I would like to present you with less obvious yet important ones. It is the educational and healthcare statistics. If you look at the numbers you will see that they are falling statistics. Please see the official Rosstan statistics: https://rosinfostat.ru/uroven-obrazovaniya/#i-3 and https://rosinfostat.ru/zdravoohranenie/. According to the official statistical organization of the Russian Federation, the Rosstat, “If we talk about the general dynamics of the development of Russian education, then it is rather negative. This is evidenced by the reduction of most types of educational organizations, which cannot be explained only by optimizations and mergers….” One of the most dramatic declines is in the number of higher educational organizations from 6297 in 2005 to 3956 in 2017. And the number of medical organizations from 10.3 thousand in 2002 to 5.2 thousand in 2019.

    Another important statistic is the number of the police force in the country. Russia is among the most policed countries in the world. According to Forbes article,https://www.forbes.ru/biznes/346301-ne-mnogo-li-%07sily-za-15-let-chislo-silovikov-vyroslo-bolee-chem-vdvoe, the number of police force in Russia had doubled over the previous 15 years.

    Another SP trait of the Russian president is his background of an agent of the KGB known for specializing among many others things, in covert operations on killing political opponents, and spreading misinformation.

    Now, to other issues alleged by Angelika.

    As to the war which “started 8 years ago”, the fact is that Russian FSB officers participated in the conflict as can be envidenced by multiple videos of a Russian FSB officer Igor Girkin(Strelkov) on Youtube, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m1wMLlzOlXQ. Another fact is the participation in the conflict of the regular Russian army, which too can be evidenced by a youtube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-CYvm-HnSpg.
    Another fact is that Russia blocked a UN peacekeeping force to Donbas regions.

    As to the elections of Putin and winning them. The whole intention of limiting terms is not to let a person stay in power for too long, the principle which Putin has many times violated.

    Russian has no free press, no fair elections, has a history of dead and jailed political opponents, journalists, and activists as evidenced recently by Navalny. There are other cases as well: Nemtsov, Magnitsky, Politkovskaya, and others.

    As to blocking of the Russian media, the Russian media has been known to be a propaganda machine, which spreads lies and misinformation. It is absolutely legal to block the sources of information that spread propaganda as would be done with defamatory information.

    Now, reaching down to the Bucha statement. It is awful, I won’t even comment this. Angelika has to go outside the influence of the Russian propaganda machine and see for herself.

    Hopefully, she will get to see the correct data. At the very least is the idea of Russian president being an SP.

    Peace to the ukrainian people, and the world.

    1. Hi Asylbek,
      Thank you for commenting here. As you probably know, this article I wrote is my own personal opinion and truthfully does not belong to the activity of Dror Center or this blog.
      I allowed myself to post it here but this blog is dedicated to the application of Ron Hubbard’s philosophy at Dror Center.
      We encourage open exchange of viewpoints. Some of our Russian friends were offended by the things I wrote. They have a natural inclination to support Putin and his actions.
      Also, we have different sources of information and our conclusions vary as a result.
      We all share a prayer for peace and an end to human misery. Best wishes to all, Dani

  11. Hi Everybody!

    Doesn’t matter who fights with whom.
    Because the main point is: somebody else stand behind the fighting people.

    Doesn’t matter who looks as “good guy” or “bad guy”.
    If the media say that X the good guy and Y are the bad guy, the people who will belive this.

    We don’t have enough informations about the fighting leaders and the causes behing the whole happening.
    Only what the media say.

    But one media say this, another media say that (something else).
    Here is two opposite datas.
    Which is the truth?

    The media can show the LIE as a truth, and can show the TRUTH as a lie.

    Never trust in the media.

    You just trust and belive in yourself, your kindness, your integrity, your sanity, your peaceful goodwill, and your helpful acts.

    And this is what can change the world.😎

    Richard from Hungary

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