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Already in his book, Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health, released by Ron Hubbard in May 1950, he spoke about ‘The Bridge’. Ron’s first mention of a bridge is in Chapter Seven of Book Two, Prenatal Experience and Birth, “But there was this shining hope, the above axiom. A bridge between insanity and sanity had to be built and there, in the axiom, one had at least a glimmer of a plan.

In the final chapter of the book, titled Dianetics – Past and Future, Ron discusses the bridge in detail. He says, “We are here at a bridge between one state of man and the next. We are above the chasm which divides a lower from a higher plateau and this chasm marks an artificial evolutionary step in the progress of man.”

The book ends with this call-to-arms, “What sort of an opinion would you have of the society on the lower plateau if they but moaned and groaned and wept and argued and gave no hand at all in the matter of widening the bridge or making new bridges?

Ron concludes with an emphatic urging,

In this handbook we have the basic axioms and a therapy which works. For God’s sake, get busy and build a better bridge!

The Tech team at Dror Center have taken Ron’s exhortation seriously. Immediately upon leaving the Church in 2012 they began a thorough research of the entirety of Ron’s Tech, as covered by several posts on this blog. In 2013, Dror released an updated version of the Bridge to Spiritual Freedom. Since then, much more work has been done at Dror to create a precise, 100% Standard, version of the Bridge, probably final. This massive undertaking was done in line with Ron’s call, “get busy and build a better bridge!

We are proud to present today Ron’s Bridge as delivered at Dror Center, titled, ‘The Route to Spiritual Freedom’. You will note that we have added at the entrance to the Route the introductory books and services now available to the broad public with the LifePower Library. We have also added the OT Levels as compiled by Captain Bill Robertson and the Fabulous L Rundowns which Dror now delivers.

For ease of comprehension, we have divided the chart into three major sections: A. Training, B. Processing to the State of Clear, and C. Advanced Levels.

A. Training – Training provides new knowledge and skill in handling life. Training begins with study of the LifePower books that place Hubbard’s philosophy within easy grasp. One then advances to become a professional auditor – one who has the knowledge required to understand life and the skills to bring every other person to the State of Clear. Beyond that, the highest skilled auditors deliver the Advanced Levels to reach Operating Thetan and the Fabulous L Rundowns.

B. Processing to the State of Clear – Processing brings about an attainment of a higher state of beingness. One begins with ‘Book Processing’ based on the LifePower books and then rises steadily on the Route. With every step, one gains higher awareness of self as an immortal spiritual being, enhances life abilities, releases oneself from burdening past traumas, and finally attains the State of Clear.

C. The Advanced Levels and Special Rundowns – Here one handles all one’s drives and realizes their full potentialities as a spiritual being. As an Operating Thetan, one is cause over life and all its factors. An OT, a state only attainable with Hubbard’s Technology, can fully choose and play the game of life in complete harmony and pan-determinism.

Further down on this post, you will find earlier versions of the Bridge. First, Dror’s release of 2013, The Bridge to Total Spiritual Freedom. (Note: This version was published by The Association of Free Scientologists in Israel, an entity that no longer exists. Its functions have been supplanted by Dror Center and other corporations we have established.)

Below that, we show the Bridge as delivered in the Church of Scientology around 2010. Further down, we show the full Bridge presented by LRH himself in 1970. To this Bridge, Ron provided the following explanation:

How to Use This Chart

By L. Ron Hubbard

This chart describes a route to human recovery and an ultimate expansion of one’s ability and power as a spiritual being. The field of human recovery belongs to Dianetics. Scientology, an applied spiritual philosophy, brings an individual to higher capabilities.

The chart could be conceived as a map of the expansion of life, showing at each level the realization of a greater potential. Training provides a new knowledge and skill in handling life. Processing brings about an attainment of a higher state of beingness.

With this chart in front of you, you have already made the most important step of all – you have contacted truth and the route to freedom.

It is hard for Man in his present condition to grasp even that higher states of being exist. He had no literature about them, really, or any vocabulary for them. In all of philosophy he had no glimmering at all of Dianetics and only a distant hope for spiritual freedom as in Scientology, but no technology at all.

Factually, you’ve been travelling this universe a very long time without a map.

Now you’ve got one.

Put this chart on your wall. When you’ve taken some of the steps, mark them DONE – with the date. Find out your next step and mark it to be done, and when. Then do it. There’s plenty of expert help in the organizations and the centres of Dianetics and Scientology; don’t hesitate to use it.

Keep track of your progress and keep moving.

You’ll make it. All the way.

(Kindly note: Clicking on these charts will enlarge them. You can then use your mouse to move about the charts and enlarge them further as needed. You may download and print as you wish, we keep no copyright restrictions on these materials.)

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  1. Brilliant Dani and staff.
    Especially that you have and deliver The Upper Advanced Bridge. Congratulations to you all. Molly.

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