Ten Years Ago – Segment 6
Grand Tour of The Indies 2013

It has now been ten years since Dror Center removed the shackles of the Church of Scientology and set out on an adventurous path – delivering independently the entire Bridge to Spiritual Freedom precisely as delineated by Ron Hubbard.

This challenging quest demanded that Dror’s team acquire the knowledge to deliver Hubbard’s Technology of the Upper OT Levels and specialized rundowns. Further, Tami and Dani Lemberger wished to meet people who personally worked with Ron Hubbard and who later closely observed David Miscavige, the person that seized control over the Church. These former senior executives could shed light on how and why the Church was taken over by this evil tyrant who has dismantled Hubbard’s formidable legacy.

Following their studies with Claudio Lugli, Silvia Llorens and others in 2012-2013, Tami and Dani set out on a tour around the US to meet and learn with remarkable individuals who had worked with Ron, studied directly under him, and had witnessed what happened when Ron moved off management lines around 1979.

This is our sixth segment in recounting the history of Dror’s departure. The previous five posts were:

  1. On January 21, 2022, we posted the first news of Dror’s departure, Dani Lemberger’s interview with Tony Ortega, published by the Village Voice in July 2012.
  2. Then on February 4, 2022, we published Dani’s interview with Emilia Benyaminov, where he first revealed how Dror acquired the full materials of Hubbard’s Bridge.
  3. On February 18, we published Part 3, the story of Claudio and Renata Lugli, and their training of Dror’s Tech team on delivery of the OT Levels.
  4. This was followed by Chapter 4, Silvia Llorens’ visit to Haifa in February 2013.
  5. On March 18th, 2022, we posted Installment 5, an article written by Danna Harman for Israel’s leading newspaper, Haaretz, published in September 2012. At the time, Miscavige cut the ribbon on Tel Aviv’s ‘Ideal Org’, but Harman found Dror’s story of greater public interest and titled her article, ‘Breaking Out of Scientology’s Iron Grip‘.

Today’s story covers the Lembergers’ trip of July 2013. They met with leading Tech and Admin executives who had left the Church having observed Miscavige’s gross violations of Hubbard’s Tech and Policy.

At the time of their journey, some people preferred to remain ‘under the radar’ while two of their hosts had since passed away. The trip report we publish today has been updated accordingly.

Enjoy reading!

Grand Tour of the Indies 2013

(Updated by Dani Lemberger, April 1, 2022)

Dani and Tami at the coast

Tami and I returned to Haifa on 28 July 2013, after a month-long tour of friends, old and new, across the U.S. Here’s a summary of our trip and our experiences and observations.

We started in New York where we spent time with Tami’s brother. He was a Scientologist, many years ago, even made it halfway through the Briefing Course at Flag about 20 years ago. But they found out he wasn’t good enough and ousted him. He’s happy to be on Dror lines now.

In NY we also met old friends of ours, from our many joint trips to Flag, doing Solo NOTs ‘refreshers’. For many years they were very active in the CoS, until about 3 years ago (2009), when he woke up to discover “something is rotten in Miscavige’s kingdom.” He wrote numerous reports and conditions assignments to be finally told, “shut up or else”. At Flag, the MAA told his wife that she would never make it to “spiritual freedom and immortality” as long as she’s connected to this man who has become an enemy of the Church. They suggested that her salvation lies in divorcing her husband of 30 years. This did not happen, and they are now happy members of the rapidly growing new CoS status, ‘off-lines-in-good-standing’.

Their story struck me because this is exactly what Tami was told in 2008, when she had completed Solo NOTs and was on the ‘E/P Check’. They explained to her that her husband, Dani, is disaffected, an enemy, critical of our leader. This proves he must be involved in some terrible out-ethics activity. She was accused of not perceiving what was happening right under her nose. Tami was told that she would attest to Solo NOTs (OT 7) and do OT 8 aboard the Freewinds, and guarantee her immortality, only when she divorces me. Tami too, like our NY friend, chose eternal damnation with her husband rather than a divorce.

From NY we traveled to Clearwater, Florida, home to Flag which for twenty years was our second home. And now, like biblical Moses, we can gaze at the Promised Land but cannot enter. What a relief, as Flag has become a mirage; worse, a trap.

In CW we enjoyed the wonderful hospitality and friendship of Mike and Christie Rinder and met Gayle Smith and other pals. Mike’s courage and perseverance have become a stable datum for us all. His morals and values are commendable, especially as I made a request that he rejected, yet with total ARC and integrity.

Gayle Smith too was expelled and declared, her only crime being that she spent 17 years as an auditor and C/S at the Philadelphia Org.

In CW, we enjoyed dinner with Monika Wieneke and John L. Smith. Their long history of stellar activity in Scn is beyond what I can describe. If they are out and declared, what value is it to be still in and undeclared?

Following Clearwater, Tami and I split routes. I traveled to Dallas, Texas, and spent several days with Steve Hall and Erica. We vacationed together, celebrated the 4th of July, acted the tourists. Steve let me in on a new project he’s working on that will further boost the Indie movement. He gave me invaluable tips on the promotion of our websites.

Tami, as always, worked harder than me those days. She spent five days with Greta Alexander in Jamestown, CA. They went to the Gold Rush Museum to see the world’s largest gold nugget and enjoyed lunch with Cooper Kessel. But their main activity was study, word-clearing, and drilling. Greta for years was the Solo C/S at AOLA, supervising the OT levels. Who better to help us master the ‘Alternate Route to Clear’ and the delivery of OT Levels I, II & III?

Coop Kessel, a friend of Greta’s, is a prominent architect in Northern California. He’s been a Scientologist since the 1970’s, did the SHSBC at ASHO and made it to OT 8. Somehow, Coop too saw that things had gone awry, and he too started writing reports. Coop too got declared and his wife, after 30 years of marriage and two kids on staff, was told to divorce him. She stuck with the CoS, contributing to DM’s major stat – wrecked families.

Please note: The following section covers our stay with Ronit and Yossi Charny in Portland, Oregon. At the time of our meeting in 2013, Ronit and Yossi were still ‘under the radar’, so we could not publish details. They soon after went public and Ronit is auditing preclears from across the US. This section is now rewritten with details of what we found out from them.

Tami and I reunited in Portland, Oregon where we spent five days with close friends, Ronit and Yossi Charny. They were both senior Tech terminals at Flag – Ronit was a Class 9 Auditor, specializing in the delivery of NED for OTs (OT 5, 6 and 7), while Yossi was a Solo NOTs Director of Processing at Flag. They are both close friends of ours from Haifa, mid-1970’s, before we even got into Scientology. They left Flag in 2009 which was a shocker, they were both extremely dedicated. I figured that if the Charnys are out and if they state that David Miscavige is a Suppressive Person, I am in no position to argue.

It is from Yossi and Ronit that we heard details of the inner workings at the Flag Solo NOTs HGC. And we were stunned! Ronit described how DM and his stooges, the ‘RTC Inspectors’ had totally taken over authority from Flag’s Case Supervisors. All decisions on completion of OT Levels, particularly Solo NOTs, were made by these inspectors and the Flag C/S had only to bow his head in submission. Ronit and Yossi told me that my folder had a little note attached, ‘NO WAY’. This is the RTC Inspector’s instruction to the Flag C/S that no way could Dani Lemberger ever, EVER, be allowed to attest to OT 7, as he is an enemy of the Church. This never deterred the Flag registrars from promising I will soon attest to Solo NOTs and need only pay for another 3-4 intensives at $7,000 apiece.

Tami’s folder, the Charnys continued, had an Orange Tag stapled inside. An Orange Tag is nowhere to be found in LRH policy. It is Miscavige’s very own invention, denoting that this person (Tami) is connected to someone who is disaffected (husband Dani). Thus, the only way the Orange Tagged person will ever complete OT 7 is if they disconnect, or, in this case, divorce. Tami was pressured to divorce me but somehow refused. At Flag in 2008 and in 2010, Tami was assured she will soon complete OT 7 and can continue to the Freewinds for OT 8. She just needed 5 more intensives to complete. We purchased the intensives, but Tami languished in Ethics with advice to divorce. This is the Church at its best, lying to its public and extorting them. (This precious information of Flag’s fraud became a major cause in the lawsuit the Lembergers filed against the Church in 2014.)

Kindly note: The section below remains intact as written in 2013. Both Frankie Freeman and Les Warren have since departed their bodies. They were close friends and fantastic individuals. We dearly miss them both.

And from Portland to Idaho, to the wonderful group at Coeur D’Alene. Les & Anita Warren, Mary & Frankie Freeman are creating a new Scn community. Les & Anita are building an org to train auditors and take public to Clear and beyond. Mary & Frankie have been at it since the Beatles had their first hit. They both did the original Class VIII Course with Ron on the Apollo in 1968. They realized that the Church had been taken over 30 years before we did, resigned from the CoS, and got declared in 1982. They’ve been auditing and delivering the OT levels ever since.

With Mary, I did the ‘Personal Integrity Program‘, to big wins and we will soon start delivery at Dror Center. Tami got onto Original OT IV with Frankie, all smiles and Floating TA’s. Tami drilled with Mary the auditing of Power Processes and then began with Frankie training on the delivery of ‘Original’ OT Levels IV, V, VI, and VII.

On our last night at Coeur D’Alene, June 19th, Mary & Frankie hosted a farewell party. Approximately 25 friends showed up, all members of the new community forming in Cd’A, Idaho. Scientologists are moving there to join this group, to train and do the OT Levels. And locals are now finding out about Dianetics and doing their first steps on the Bridge.

The following day we flew to LA, where we had the honor to get to know Trey & Nicci Lotz, Karen de la Carriere, Luis Garcia, Gary Webber, and Dora & Joe Luca. All are stellar personalities with huge production records within the CoS. And now they would be highly commended by Ron for what they are doing to forward Scientology despite the CoS.

Trey had been auditing non-stop for the past 44 years. I remember him well as ‘Top Field Auditor’ and ‘Top FSM’ of the CoS, until he was too good and expelled.

Karen, trained by Ron as a Class XII C/S, gave Dror a present, an e-meter. Thank you, Karen.

Luis Garcia let me run loose at his frozen yogurt parlor, I tasted 19 delicious flavors. We then took in the panorama of Laguna Beach’s sunset. Luis is a standard-bearer in fighting the criminality of DM in the courts. Luis shared with us his and Rocio’s adventures at the church, the grand finale being his path to OT 8 aboard the Freewinds. First time I thanked DM for dumping me mid-OT 7, saving me the torments of ‘OT 8’.

With Gary, many years a Class IX at Flag and aboard the Freewinds, we spent a bright morning during which he drilled Tami on the ‘Ethics Repair List’, the first step of Super Power. Gary is currently co-auditing this action with another Class IX gone indie. I saw what they were doing and demanded of Tami to be her first pc on it. This didn’t work, she’s now auditing others on the list with fabulous wins.

Three days before we left LA, I received a surprise e-mail from Dora & Joe Luca, whom we’ve never met, inviting us to their home. We had lunch with them, our first home-cooked meal in a long time, and it was delicious.

Dora had been the lead auditor of San Francisco Org in the 1970s, has audited thousands of hours, and delivered the DCSI (Dianetics Clear Special Intensive) to hundreds. Joe, a native of Brooklyn, spent those years as Deputy Guardian for Finance at Saint Hill. They met and married in SF and moved to LA where they did their upper Bridge at AOLA. Dora told us she did the ‘Original’ OT Levels, OT IV to OT VII, in the mid-1970s, then did NOTs when it was released in 1978. Yet, Dora said, the original OT levels were still being delivered at AOLA, concurrent with NOTs, until 1982. This struck me, for it matched exactly what we had found out earlier.

Ron released NED for OTs in 1978. He announced it in Ron’s Journal 30, 1978 – The Year of Lightning-Fast New Tech, 17 Dec 1978, (Tech Vol XI, page 380.) At its release, NOTs was not assigned a number as an OT Level, it was to be done after OT III, preferably before OT IV. NOTs did not cancel the original OT levels, nor was it divided into NOTs and Solo NOTs. Exactly as Dora and many others described!

The Original OT levels disappeared around 1982, never to be seen again. And then the Bridge was re-issued with ‘New OT IV’ (the OT Drug RD) and NOTs as ‘new’ OT levels V, VI, and VII. Fascinating, and one cannot but wonder who caused the vanishing of the original OT levels and their replacement with NOTs as three separate ‘new’ OT levels. And this crime was exacerbated by ‘relocating’ the second part of NOTs, Solo NOTs, to Flag so it cannot be done at AO’s. As a result, thousands are stuck mid-NOTs with terrible consequences.

I realized the Bridge as pushed off in the CoS, is a travesty of Ron’s writings. We have the responsibility to reconstruct it, based purely on Ron’s references and materials at hand. With the vast help we’ve received from our many friends, all dedicated to Ron and to Standard Tech, this has now been made possible.

It was an honor to meet with such great personalities. I was filled with pride to have these people as my friends. My purposes are rekindled, knowing Scientology does have a bright future, with Tech experts auditing, helping one another, creating with joy, and getting others to move up the Bridge.

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  1. Big “Thank you” to all my Technical Terminals friends, my great appreciation for my friends who are willing to do something about the human race and our planet!
    You are in my heart forever!!
    Much love,

    1. Dani+Lemberger

      Thank you, my beautiful wife and partner to the route.
      What an adventure it’s been, and still is!
      Thank you for walking the walk with me.
      Luv ya, Dandush

    1. Dani+Lemberger

      Thank you Steve.
      I’m glad you enjoy our reminiscing.
      Yes, there may be a few more stories coming.
      The future is way more important than the past, but it does teach us how we got here and maps the route into the future.
      It’s already been 10 years. Always a wonder how fast time flies.
      We’ve been fortunate or wise, or a combination. Things are going very well for us.
      Thank you for years of support and friendship.
      Best wishes, Dani

  2. Hana+Esentierova

    Tami and Dani, I’m honored to be able to meet you and be your friend.
    I love you and so it will stay forever.
    With love
    Hanka Esentierová 😘😘

    1. Dani+Lemberger

      Dearest Hanuchka,
      Thank you for being such a good friend!
      We loved having you with us in Haifa.
      Well done for making it to OT 3. It is a fantastic level.
      I am sure we will see you again soon! Love, Dani

  3. Tami & Dani,

    Thank you for telling the story of your trip. When you visited us we were “under the radar”, not fully disconnected from the church. But we were very happy to share the information we have witnessed for 8 years in the Sea Org at Flag. It was good to take it off our shoulders and and that also prompted us to break the shackles from the Church and a year later we made an announcement that we are no longer Church members.
    Continue expanding and flourishing. Love, Yossi

    1. Dear Ronit and Yossi,
      You have been of tremendous help to us.
      It’s good to see you doing so well and enjoying freedom outside the Church.
      Keep on flourishing, Dani

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