Ten Years Ago – Installment 5
Major Media Interest

We recently began following the events of 2012, Dror Center’s escape from the claws of the Church of Scientology.

On January 21, 2022, we posted the first publication of Dror’s departure, Dani Lemberger’s interview with Tony Ortega, published in the Village Voice in July 2012.

Then on February 4, 2022, we published Dani’s interview with Emilia Benyaminov, where he first revealed data on how Dror acquired the full materials of Hubbard’s Bridge.

On February 18, we published Part 3, detailing the story of Claudio and Renata Lugli, and their training of Dror’s Tech team on delivery of the OT Levels.

This was followed by Chapter 4 of this saga, Silvia Llorens’ visit to Haifa in February 2013, which we posted on March 4th.

Dror’s departure from the Church of June 2012, aroused much media attention. Two months later, in August 2012, the Church’s head honcho, David Miscavige, was in Tel Aviv to cut the ribbon on the Grand Opening of the Tel Aviv “Ideal Org”. Whereas the Church asked the media to focus on their festivities, the more thorough journalists could not miss the fact that Dror’s team was not invited to the ceremony.

Israel’s leading newspaper, Haaretz, sent its American-born reporter, Danna Harman to cover the story. She held long interviews with Dani and Tami Lemberger and produced a long, detailed story titled ‘Breaking Out of Scientology’s Iron Grip’. It presents the Lemberger’s background – how they came to join the Church, and, eventually, why they decided to leave it. Harman also provides a description of the Church and of its leadership.

This article drew great interest and was published in the English edition of Haaretz on September 30, 2012. It was then translated into Hebrew and published on Haaretz’s major edition in Hebrew on the same date.

Harman’s article is long, detailed and filled with vital data about Scientology, the Church, and the Lembergers. You are invited to read the article on the Dror Friends site, or on the official Haaretz site.

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  1. Hana+Esentierova

    Very well done, Dani, thank you for doing this and for allowing us to go upstairs now.
    I’m honored to be here with you in DROR .
    Hanka E.

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