Dani Talks Spirit


Today, we publish Part 4 of the seminars delivered by Tami and Dani Lemberger during their recent visit to Athens, Greece.

Tami and Dani visited Athens in November 2022, at the invitation of Kostas and Jullia Pappas, to support the establishment of LifePower Athens.

In the seminar of 18th November, following Tami’s demonstration of the use of the E-Meter, Dani went into a discussion of the spirit, its nature and characteristics, as revealed by Ron Hubbard. Dani explains:

  • The components of the physical universe and why these do not relate to the spirit,
  • The true nature of the spirit and its immortality,
  • How yesteryear’s traumas, lurking in the reactive mind, continue to affect us,
  • And finally, the application of Hubbard’s Tech to bring about the State of Clear.

This fascinating (and unique and vital) video is just 9 minutes long. Please let us know what you think of it. As always, we recommend you turn on the subtitles. Enjoy!

Note, earlier posts in this series include:

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Last week, on 30th December, we showed Tami demonstrating the use of the E-Meter.

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