Tami Shows Us How It’s Done

Tami Lemberger

In November 2022, Tami and Dani Lemberger visited Athens, Greece, at the invitation of Kostas and Jullia Pappas. The purpose of the visit was to support the establishing of LifePower Athens. Earlier in 2022, Kostas and Jullia had spent time at Dror Center, continuing their progress on The Route to Spiritual Freedom. While Kostas was in Haifa, he gave an interview to Aviv Bershadsky.

With the wins they experienced at Dror and having observed the expansion of the LifePower Centers in Israel and Europe, the Pappas’s decided to open a LifePower Center in Athens. As a first step, they invited Tami and Dani to deliver lectures and meet friends in Athens. While there, Kostas conducted interviews with Tami and Dani.

On December 7th we posted the interview Kostas held with Dani.

On December 16th we posted his interview with Tami.

On Thursday, 17 November, Dani delivered a seminar, presenting Ron Hubbard’s philosophy of life – the spirit, its immortality, and the route to achieving the State of Clear.

On Friday, 18th November, Tami went into further detail of Hubbard’s Technology. First, Dani talked about the Time Track and how past traumas lurking in the reactive mind have a lasting detrimental effect on the individual. Then, Tami demonstrated the use of Hubbard’s great discovery – the E-Meter. She showed how auditing with an E-Meter is the only effective Technology for locating traumas, erasing their charge, relieving the individual of agony, and making the State of Clear a reality!

With the participation of Irene, an enthusiastic audience member, Tami demonstrated the basics of an auditing session. By asking Irene a few simple questions, Tami showed the audience how the E-Meter responds to mental charge thus enabling the removal of the trauma. Tami then proceeded to explain the intricacies of auditing and how mental charge is removed while progressing towards the State of Clear.

Here’s the video of Tami’s demonstration. As always, we’ve added subtitles and invite you to comment and ask us questions.

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  1. Dani and Tami- you are the best!!!💝
    Great job!!!
    Looking forward to the opening of the new Life Power center in Greece. 🇬🇷

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