The Fantastic Story of Elkin Posada

Elkin Posada recently returned home to Medellin, Colombia, after spending three months at Dror Center. Before leaving us, he gave us two fascinating interviews, the first with Dani Lemberger, while still on the Solo NOTs Auditor Course, the second with Aviv Bershadsky, after completing this terrific course and getting ready for the long flight back home.

The interview with Dani covers Elkin’s life, his professional career, and his long journey in Scientology, from the early days of 1977, at Celebrity Center in Los Angeles, until finally making it to Dror Center. We have divided this interview into three segments, today we share with you Part One, 18 minutes long, in which Elkin tells us about his personal life and starting Scientology. Over the coming weeks we will post Parts Two and Three and the interview with Aviv, taken upon the joyful completion of the Solo NOTs Auditor Course – the happy ending of Elkin’s long ordeals. As always, we have added subtitles to the videos.

Enjoy and please share with us your comments!

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