The Incredible Story of Elkin Posada

Elkin Posada recently returned home to Medellin, Colombia, after spending two months at Dror Center. He arrived at Dror after a 30-year ordeal, being stuck on Audited NED for OTs since 1992, when he was abruptly taken off this level at the Advanced Organization of the Church of Scientology in Sydney, Australia.

Elkin’s long wait to complete this unique auditing level came to an end when he arrived at Dror Center in January 2023. However, his first contact with Dror was in 2021, when he did the Between-Lives Data Course with Aviv Bershadsky.

While here, Elkin did a review program on his past auditing. He then attested to the completion of Audited NED for OTs (which he began in Sydney in 1992), and then studied the wealth of Ron’s data about the fundamentals of life that became the fabulous level of Solo NED for OTs (Solo NOTs). The entirety of LRH’s NED for OTs Series is thoroughly studied and drilled on the Solo NOTs Auditor Course before a person can return home to continue their Solo Auditing.

For a full explanation of the Advanced Levels and Ron’s New Era Dianetics for OTs, see this article.

Elkin’s journey with Hubbard’s Tech truly is an incredible and emotional story of hardship and despair turning into renewed hope and joy-of-living. Before leaving us, Elkin gave us two fascinating interviews, the first with Dani Lemberger, while still on the Solo NOTs Auditor Course, the second with Aviv Bershadsky, after completing this terrific course and getting ready for the long flight back home.

The interview with Dani covers Elkin’s life, his professional career, and his long journey in Scientology, from the early days of 1977, at Celebrity Center in Los Angeles, until finally making it to Dror Center. We have divided this interview into three segments.

On 14 April, we posted the first part of the interview, in which Elkin told us about his personal life and starting Scientology.

Today, we bring to you the second part of the interview, about 11 minutes long. Here, Elkin shares how he found Dror Center, his experience on the Between-Lives Data Course, and how he finally arrived at Dror Center for what became a life-saving experience.

In the following weeks we will post the third section of the interview with Dani and Elkin’s conversation with Aviv. As always, we have added subtitles to the videos.

Enjoy and please share with us your comments!

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