Elkin’s Fabulous Win on Course

Elkin Posada

Last week we introduced Elkin Posada who recently came on lines at Dror Center. We published Elkin’s fascinating story: My History with Hubbard’s Tech.

Elkin spoke with Aviv Bershadsky, Dror’s OT Review Auditor and C/S, who suggested doing the ‘Between-Lives Data Course‘. This course is delivered at Dror’s Academy and online. For more data, please listen to Aviv presenting this course. Today, we post Elkin Posada’s success story from the course:

Ever since I was eight years old, I started experiencing this phenomenon: Often, when I had a good time playing with my friends, right after that something negative would happen. For example, my father would reprimand me for no reason.

Then, in my teenage years, I commented to my friends that every time I was happy about something, something negative would happen right afterward. In some instances, my friends would agree that they had experienced a similar thing.

This was so strong, that I reached adulthood afraid of this happening. It got to a point that I was so aware of it that I would expect it to ‘show up’ after some given positive circumstance.

Then came my business life. At least nine (NINE!) major such incidents happened. And I am not exaggerating – I mean major incidents! To mention just a few:

  • Losing my $25,000,000 company to some evil partners – after I put it together and made it successful in just eight months.
  • Making a wrong decision in a lawsuit that closed a business where I was making $400,000 per year.
  • Losing a construction project when in twelve months I was going to profit $1,800,000.

No need to give more examples, only that I know that this is VERY SERIOUS. What I have found on the B-L-D Course is the greatest piece of data that I have received from Ron Hubbard!

Now, realize that I am an OT 5 and a Class VA Auditor. This should give an idea to the reader that for me to say that I could call this THE BIGGEST WIN OF MY LIFE is ‘major league’ stuff.

Yes, I know it is hard to quantify the magnitude of a piece of data from Ron. From the simplest fact to the most extraordinary, all his data is simply mind-boggling! For example, how can we compare what we got from Ron on Study Tech? Or the OT 3 Materials? What this DIVINE BEING, Ron Hubbard, did for us has no comparison in this Universe.

It so happens that the first two pages of Ron’s Lecture of 9 December 1952 ‘WHAT’S WRONG WITH THIS UNIVERSE’, on the Between-Lives Data Course, have given me an answer to what I am talking about.

Ron says: “Because every goal he has ever been given has a big lose tacked to it. You cannot win without losing; that’s this universe.”

Some data get tears out of your eyes, and this is one of them. Like, to have the cognition that you are a Thetan and not a meat body. Or to realize why studying was so hard. This is life-changing stuff. And now – to understand why you lost nine major businesses in just this lifetime. How can one value that? Only concentrating on what Hubbard did can give one an idea of how great life is.

Tears just came out of my eyes! Not that I know where I am going with this. Not that I am certain that I have a solution to prevent all those losses. One thing, however, I do have perfectly clear:


Furthermore: In closing, I want to share that since I studied this piece of data (and I have gone over it at least eight times) this WIN – LOSE phenomenon has been driving me crazy. Any conversation, any dealings with another person, any significant thought about the future – all were coming with these characteristics.

And right at this instant, after writing all this, I feel like saying: “Gotcha, finally … this will never make me lose my theta goals again.”

This is a breath of fresh air. I feel I regained my powers – THANKS TO RON!

And very special thanks to the guys at Dror Center for having put this course together.

Much Love, Elkin

3 thoughts on “Elkin’s Fabulous Win on Course”

  1. yes, great course !
    Thank you for sharing.
    Everybody should do the Between Life Course.
    + the study tech course
    + getting audited
    + learning how to audit others and helping them out of this trap.

  2. To read Elkins winns made me very aware again, how blessed we are with Ron Hubbards work. My last weeks had been overshaddowed with corona illness and frustration. Hubbard is a stabil terminal in bullshit times. And a big hope. Greetings from Berlin

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