Elkin Posada: My History with Hubbard’s Tech

I could spend the rest of this lifetime writing about what Ron Hubbard did for me:

  • How his Tech has changed my ETERNITY;
  • How I discovered data that I cannot figure out how LRH got to them;
  • How he had the divine motivation to put it together for us;
  • And how he has worked hundreds of years to put all this together.

And Ron did put it together in a workable system so that we could have access to material that is forbidden in this Universe. So much so, that any attempt to access it would result in death, or at least, in instability, insanity, or madness.

I said, “changed my ETERNITY”, and I am not exaggerating. I will give you an idea of how I praise and value LRH´s data that I now have:
If you were to give me Planet Earth, all its wealth and riches, in exchange for the LRH data that has given me eternal life, I would let you keep your things. I would not budge 1% from what I now have. It would be like trading a drop of water for the lives of my children. That, and much, much more!


Back in 1976, when I was 30 years old, I decided to die: I could not work, I could not do anything. For three years I had been a successful member of the US Army, and during the next seven years, I had been a high-level executive for the greatest Computer Data Services company on Earth. Doctors (and $283,000 later) found nothing wrong in me but were happy to recommend electric shock and to prescribe tranquilizers. But, by my gut feelings, I always threw the tranquilizer in the toilet when I got home; and as far as the electric shocks, I just went running in the opposite direction from those doctors. Lucky me!

Then, I went to my tennis class in Phoenix, Arizona. My coach, Jeff, was a good man, ranking number 18 in the USA. Well, believe it or not, I was good too: Once in a while I would beat him, to his own surprise, but just during the first 15 minutes of the two-hour class. From that point on, I could not even hit the ball.

I said to him, “Jeff, what is happening to me? This is getting odd, it is getting to be too much to take, I am starting to worry.” “Elkin, I know exactly what this is. I cannot tell you what, but I can give you a book to read.”

I took the book home … I never opened it. Three weeks later, Jeff asked me how I was doing with the book.
After my reply he said, “Read it, you will not be sorry.” That day I went home and started reading.
It was ‘Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health‘ by Ron Hubbard.

The reader needs an R-Factor here:
It is a moving experience when I remember that it took me a week to get to page 100 of DMSMH. When I got to page 100, I said to myself, “This man knows what I have, I need some of what he knows.” I took the phone book and started looking anxiously for a Dianetics Center. I finally found one where I met a most wonderful man who saved my life by not succumbing to my stupidity and for not giving up until I decided to try what he suggested. For four hours he was not able to convince me to try it, but during those four hours, neither was I able to convince him that I had good enough reasons not to try it. It was up to me now, so I said, “If I don´t try it, I will never find out if it works. I will trust what that author has to say.” And I did.

After a couple of months of handling originations, PTSness, and tough money issues, I got some auditing. A ‘Dianetics Auditing Assist’ on my miserable state was done, and I will just tell you the End Phenomenon: I found the reason why I was dying and erased my decision to die. I blew it in 25 hours of auditing and after that, I had again hope for life.


Recovery was quick. In weeks, I was studying the Communication Course, and shortly after I decided to help LRH save this planet by becoming an auditor. For two years, I studied 12 hours a day, mostly 6-days-a-week. I became a Class V Auditor, a NED Auditor, and a Case Supervisor. What a change! From wanting to die to feeling one of the happiest, luckiest, and most privileged persons on Earth for what I had gotten from LRH.

I came back to Colombia and started my own Dianetics Mission. Some of the happiest days in my life. It was fun, it was beautiful, it was a tremendous game helping LRH. The mission staff was me, and a Course Supervisor and an Ethics Officer to help. We delivered courses, trained auditors, handled ethic cycles, and gave seminars and conferences. One of the most beautiful experiences in my life was when one of my PCs went Clear!

After course time, our students would not want to leave the place. At that point, it was necessary to serve coffee and snacks, and time to get the guitar out and sing some songs. That was the Scientology I had learned from LRH. I was happy, I was on purpose. It made people happy and more able.


All of a sudden, some communication came and took my Franchise License away from me. OK, I said to myself, Scientology management is getting reorganized and tougher. I gave everything up, started a successful construction company and some years later I went back to the USA. The idea now was to get audited – I did go up to OT5, Audited NOTs; did some in Los Angeles, and the OT Levels in Australia.

I came back from Australia in 1991 and tried to contribute in my hometown, in the Pacific Northwest USA. Yes, I became an opinion leader, people loved me, I helped a lot of people with over 1500 auditing hours delivered and guiding dozens of them to join staff and the Sea Org.

Unfortunately, it became harder and harder to speak a word without having to think about it twice or else you would get in trouble – so far apart from our beautiful times in my Mission. Something was wrong, I used to think, but always blamed it on myself. Nothing could be wrong that LRH created, my naïve and innocent nature dictated me to say.

The year 2006 came and I could not take it anymore. I started a ‘blank Scientology period’ in my life, and in 2009 went back to Colombia. Since then, I have been on my own, now and then receiving unexpected negative data and being made aware of evil changes at the Church of Scientology.

Fortunately, I never gave up on my firm, solid and unyielding belief in LRH, while at the same time searching for ways to keep ‘glued’ somehow to true Source.


Finally, new hope for life came back to me when I connected with Dror Center. This was a result of my ‘impossible’ postulates and efforts to resolve my future. I now have the opportunity to do the ‘Between-Lives Data Course’ at Dror Center.

These last 20 years, without a theta source for LRH’s Tech, have been extremely tough on me. However, it feels so good now to be able to say that I endured it and I am now happy again.

This writeup is way longer than what I set out to do, so for the rest of the good news, I invite you to read the Success Story I recently wrote with wins and abilities regained while studying the Between Lives Data Course.
(Site Admin’s note: Elkin’s success story on the course will be published soon.)

I hope this story helps someone by motivating him or her to postulate something they really want.
Do it while being up-tone and happy and you shall make it happen.

Much Love, Elkin F. Posada

18 thoughts on “Elkin Posada: My History with Hubbard’s Tech”

    1. Interest question Hania! I had to pause and think a minute to see how I give you a good reply. So, all that came to mind was to share with you one of the mottos we had in the only company I worked for in my youth days. In EDS we used to say: “Eagles don’t flock, you get them one at a time”. My life experience is that when one is in a low point, one is worthless for the world; and when those close to you see you coming out of it, they don’t beleive it would last, much less take you as an example to follow… that is why you need to be a tiger to survive, and just stick with LRH.

    1. Yes Kaspars, we need to keep going. Thank you for your encouragement!
      You see, we have an eternity to confront ahead of us and, fortunately, with the “BETWEEN-LIFES COURSE” one can see the pedalling coming up… up hill by the way; and that one cannot blink an eye and be prepared. Beautiful game now with LRH’s Tech, indeed!

    1. So nice you mantioned that word “sharing”, Emilia. You made me think of LRH and the inmense and DIVINE sharing he did with us. It brings tears to my eyes and makes one understand how beautiful it is to share theta and love. Thank you.

  1. Well, you did what few people actually ended up doing – really getting Scientology. Actually seeing its value beyond the outer shell. Good on you.😊

    1. So true, Joe!
      I always wondered why, if you were to park a bus in the town’s main plaza and with a loud speaker invited those who wanted marihuana to get on the bus, that bus would be full in 5 minutes flat! hehe. But if you did the invite for finding the truth and eternal life, as LRH did an has, lucky if you get one body on that bus in 3 days!
      Those of us who SAW that LRH had the answer, we all had one thing in common: We all had the postulate to look and find the truth! Think about it, right?

  2. What a terrific documentation of your long history with LRH and his Scientology.

    Really enjoyed reading this and wish you even more success with the tech. far into the future…✨

    1. “Far in the future” is the word, Kevin. Thank you.
      With your comment you also made me think about this life-after-life game without LRH’s Tech vs. a beautiful game with KRC: Knowledge, Responsibility and Control.
      Simply put, it is the difference between being in oblivion and confusion vs. enjoying the living and sharing in our operation as thetans. Big differentece, ah!

    1. Thank you Alex.
      Those words “Welcome to Haifa” are so beautiful that you just made me postulate to change them for a “Welcome TO Haifa”… hope to see Israel soon!
      Thank you.

    1. Yes, although a tremendous journey, it is not even close to yours with Dani! We have had the privilege to confront tough times, come out successfully, and live a happy life at the same time.
      Thank you for writing Tami.

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