Five Years Later, They Said “Yes!”

Today we are proud to share a success story we just received from our long-time friend, Eyal Tzoref.

Eyal is the head of a prestigious law firm in Haifa. Eyal works with his wife, Shahar, and a team that helps with legal matters, administration, and marketing.

Eyal started studying Hubbard’s Technology at Dror Center in 1998. He met his wife, Shahar, at Dror and today they are steadily advancing on the Bridge with their children, Maya and Jonathan.

Eyal left the Church with the entire Dror Center in 2012. Prior to this, in 2011, he completed Audited NOT’s (“OT 5”) at AOSH EU, Copenhagen. Further, Eyal is a Class 5 (New Era Dianetics) interned auditor, which he accomplished at ASHO, Los Angeles, in 2005.

Since leaving the Church, Eyal has constantly advanced with auditing and training. In 2015, Eyal completed Solo NOT’s and later the unique level of Excalibur. In August 2021, he completed the three L Rundowns: L 11, L 10, and L 12.

Currently, Eyal is on ‘The Organization Designer and Builder Course’, based on the ‘Executive Freedom’ book written by Dani Lemberger. This book presents the key fundamentals of Hubbard’s Admin Technology coupled with Dani’s vast experience in the field of management. It is the fifth book written by Dani as part of the LifePower library.

Recently, Eyal’s law firm reached a major milestone. Eyal shared his win with us:

I completed my legal education in 1999. In 2011 I decided to become self-employed. At first, I operated from home. I didn’t have any clients yet nor employees. I took the bus to meet clients at their business. I offered them my services and was often declined. Few of them hired me for minor legal services. But I did not give up. I used the knowledge I had at the time to find as many comm lines as possible and to advertise my services.

In 2011, our son Jonathan, was one year old, and in 2012, our daughter Maya was born. The needs in our household changed and the financial burden became heavier. The first years in my new business were a struggle for survival – pay the taxes, advertise, take a modest salary home.

In 2014, my wife Shahar, offered her help in the office. I was overjoyed! I knew Shahar will be able to create an enormous change in my business. In that year we also moved to our first small office. I made many mistakes, but I learned from them.
By around 2016, I realized we are doing something extraordinary: The legal services we offered were impeccable. Clients came to us with  their unresolvable problems in real-estate or in their business relations – and we promptly solved these issues as if waving a magic wand.

Around 2016, we applied to be included in Dun and Bradstreet’s ranking of the leading law firms in Israel. We were declined, of course. We kept sending applications in the following years, but to no avail. We could not boast any well-known clients, so we were considered “just another negligible law firm” from the suburbs. 

We kept expanding and in 2019 we moved to luxurious offices in Haifa’s government hub.

Throughout the years, I persistently advanced on my training with Ron Hubbard’s Technology at Dror Center. I credit the meteoric success of my business to this factor. The 'The Organization Designer and Builder Course’ helped me understand what a business is, how to manage it, and how to bring it to power.

In 2021, our production and quality peaked. We now represent two large corporations, international companies, and influential businesspeople. We have achieved unprecedented financial affluence.

And … unbelievable, in 2021, the international ranking company, D& B, that declined our applications over the past 5 years, has informed us that we were finally accepted into the list of top law firms in Israel! An incredible achievement! This is an immense validation for the eleven years in which we broke every glass ceiling.

I would like to thank the exceptional Dror Center Academy team, Dani and Carmela for the business counselling, and mostly Tami Lemberger - my auditor. And, of course, my gratitude to my amazing wife, Shahar.

With love, Eyal Tzoref

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