Dror’s Graduation Party – October 2021

Eiby Zelnik Piano

On 16 October 2021, Dror Center held its Graduation Party. At the party, Dror’s public received certificates for the auditing levels and the courses they recently completed and shared their wins with friends.

The party’s opening act was a concert performed by brilliant pianist, Eiby Zelnik.

Eiby played three pieces:
– J. S. Bach, French Suite No. 5,
– Frederic Chopin, Etude No. 5,
– Sonata by Franz Joseph Haydn.

Later in the evening, Dani Lemberger presented the book just released in the LifePower Library: Executive Freedom. It was an enjoyable evening of good company, delicious food, pleasant music, interesting stories, and plenty of theta.

We invite you to enjoy Eiby Zelnik’s delightful concert.

In the coming weeks we will post more exciting moments from Dror’s Graduation Party.


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