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We are proud to present the sixth book in the LifePower library!
Dani Lemberger began writing the LifePower books in 2016, when it became clear that Ron Hubbard’s philosophy is in danger. He realized that major action must be taken to preserve and promote Hubbard Technology for future generations.

Since its establishment 30 years ago, Dror Center’s foremost goal had been to train young auditors. Dror’s aim is that young people choose to become professional auditors and continue the mission given us by Ron Hubbard – Clear the Planet.
In 2012, Dror Center left the Church of Scientology, since it was impossible to safeguard and disseminate the technology under an oppressive regime.

Dani realized that in order to keep the technology alive, and to draw a young audience to our centers, it is vital to make the technology accessible to the public in simple and contemporary language.
According to Hubbard, introductory books serve as the public’s first point of contact with his philosophy. Thus, they must be written in an easy-to-understand format, with abundant illustrations and examples. Further, the books must provide drills and processes that are easy to apply.

In 2017, Dani published the first book in the LifePower series: LifePower: Achieving Power in All Realms of Life. This book presents Hubbard’s core principles regarding life, the spirit, and the human mind.
The book teaches Recall and Clearing Processes which, when applied, set a person on the Bridge to Spiritual Freedom and the path to Clear.
A year ago, Dani recorded a lecture where he explains his mission in writing the LifePower books.

Following the release of the LifePower book, LifePower Academies demanded additional workbooks aimed at training new auditors with Hubbard’s Tech. Thus, the following books came to exist:

Complete Communication Guide V2

The Complete Communication Manual – presents the full theory of ARC, the Communication Formula and the Communication Drills, TR’s 0-4.

The Story of C&I: Theory and Practice of Control and Intention

The Story of C & I: Theory and Practice of Control and Intention – includes Hubbard’s discoveries about control, postulates, determinism, and intention. Then, it teaches the Control & Intention Drills, Upper Indoc TR’s, 6-9.

Study Essentials Book

Study Essentials – This book contains the vital points of Hubbard’s brilliant Study Tech. It teaches how to overcome the barriers to study, how to clear misunderstood words and become a study genius.

A checksheet was prepared for each book to make it possible to learn and drill the data in LifePower’s Academies. The LifePower books have been translated into several languages, leading to the opening of LifePower Centers, where hundreds of people are going up the Bridge towards spiritual freedom.
LP Centers’ statistics have been on the rise for the last two years, and still going.

And now, with great pride and joy, we announce the release of the sixth and largest book in the LifePower library: Executive Freedom.
This book provides the reader with Hubbard’s major discoveries in the fields of Management Tech, Organization, Ethics Tech, and handling the Third Dynamic.

Dani has been studying and successfully applying Hubbard’s Third Dynamic Tech for over 40 years. Tami and Dani founded Dror Center 30 years ago, and it has been continuously flourishing since then. He shares his vast experience as a manager in his latest book.

About a month ago, Aviv Bershadsky conducted an interview with Dani about this book.
The interview is 35 minutes long. For your convenience, we divided it into 3 sections and added English subtitles:
Section One – 7 minutes – Dror Center’s Stats and a brief overview of LifePower.
Section Two – 17 minutes – Dani’s background, education, and experience as a manager.
Section Three – 14 minutes – Detailed description of Executive Freedom.
Today we post Part One:


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