Anna and Hanka Just Done on the Between-Lives Data Course

On April 23, 2021, we told you about Hania Mrkos who completed the Between-Lives Data Course. Recently, two additional Dror students from Prague finished this course:

Anna Jelinkova began studying Hubbard’s philosophy at Hania Mrkos’s Dianetics group in Prague, in 2012. In 2013, Anna went to the Basel Org, to continue her Bridge progress. She soon realized that the staff had no desire to help the public advance on the Bridge, so she decided to leave the Church and continue Scientology independently.

In 2013, Hania Mrkos had also left the Church and continued his group’s activity as an ‘Indie’. Anna continued with Hania in Prague and attested Clear in 2014. She went on and completed OT 1 and OT 2 under Hania’s supervision.

In April 2019, Anna came to Dror Center and Anna completed OT 3 and the OT Drug Rundown.

Recently, Anna completed the Between-Lives Data Course with great success. Here is her success story:  

“The question of what happens after death has been interesting to me for a long time. I was happy when I learned about the course, that can prepare a person for the ‘after death experience’.

“During the course, I learned the entire sequence that begins after death. I realized that there is an analogy between the control exerted on the being here on Earth and the one ‘in the sky’. This kind of control is deceiving and disorienting. It is designed to enslave the being.

“I wondered about it from the point of view of faith, whereby people want to meet with God after death, but receive an implant instead.

“I was fascinated by the way Ron discovered the information he shared with us. I realized how free will and self-determinism are important to me. I want to remain a free being now and in my next lifetime. I know that I am not free in the MEST universe right now, but in my mind I am. I realized that free thought is the most important goal of my existence.

“My deepest gratitude to Ron for the amazing data. I thank Aviv for ‘holding my hand’ and making sure I understand everything.”

Hanka Esentierova has been studying Hubbard’s philosophy since 1992. She was on lines at the Prague Mission, where she met Hania Mrkos and in 2012, she supported him in establishing his Dianetics group.

In 2008, Hanka achieved the State of Clear at AOSH EU, Copenhagen. She observed many outpoints that led her to leave the Church. After leaving the Church, Hanka did not advance up the Bridge for ten years, until Hanka came with her to Dror to introduce her to our team.

In September 2019, Hanka arrived at Dror Center for three months. During her stay, she completed Solo Auditor Course, Parts A and B and OT 1. Recently, Hanka completed the Between-Lives Data Course, with great success. Here is her story:

“To begin with, I would like to thank Dror Center for this fantastic and vital course on the most important area of ​​our existence.

“After the death of my husband, I vigorously searched for answers to questions such as: Where did he actually go? What is really happening after death? Why are we all afraid to die?

“Gradually, as the course progressed, I received answers. Now I understand where we are going. Why we are afraid and how to ‘arrange’ the next life so that everything would be different and better, the way I want it.

“By doing this course, I enhanced my win from OT II, which is the realization: I AM. As on OT II, I have fully realized the entirety of self: Undivided, no good or evil. ME IS ME. I am the creator and performer of my postulates. Nobody else. Neither God nor angels, only me.

“Some of the data I read several times, it was incredible! It gave me the truth, peace of mind and the knowledge what will happen when my body ‘expires’ and I leave it as a spirit. The knowledge of what options I have, what I should and should not do. This gives me power as a being.

“I perceive family ties differently: Although we go through life together, we help and take care of each other, we are separate and independent beings.

“I know where my life goals come from and why it is so difficult to fulfill them. This revelation was fascinating – it explained everything to me, and I calmed down.

“With Ron’s knowledge and help, I can make it through the between-lives area. On the ‘other side’ is a devilish mechanism. But here on Earth we have a solution. I wish all people to know and understand this data and take their lives into their own hands.”

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