Dror Center’s New Home

A while back, Dror Center’s management decided that Dror should move to a new place. For the past few months, Dani and his crew have been scouring far and wide for a perfect space that will be most suitable for Dror’s unique needs.

And now, with great joy and excitement, we can finally announce that the search is over and that Dror Center will soon move to its new home!

On 12 May 2021, Dani Lemberger and Moti Weizman made history by signing the purchase contract for the new premises. A new corporation was formed by Dror’s partners for the acquisition of the new premises – a whole floor in an office building in downtown Haifa. The new space is huge and will cater to all Dror’s needs: 650 sq. meters (approx 7,000 sq feet)!

Here you can see Dani and Moti signing the purchase contract:

On this occasion, Dani presented the seller, Yossi Siyonov, with a copy of the latest edition, Version 4, of the LifePower book in Hebrew:

Here we see Dani handing over checks to Yakir Simchon, the seller’s agent:

And Dani receiving the keys to our new home:

Tami’s first visit to our new home as one of the proud owners:

Renovations are already in full swing, we will soon share data on the progress.

13 thoughts on “Dror Center’s New Home”

  1. Dani Lemberger

    Thank you, guys, for your kind comments.
    Yes, Dror Center is steadily expanding.
    The Tech works wonders in a free and theta environment.
    We’ll keep you posted on our progress. Love, Dani

  2. Thank you so much, Dani and Tami, for putting Dror’s future there by all means: Acquiring all of the tech;
    Creating the bridge to new public with LifePower books and courses;
    And now creating the space to ensure the stability of our activity for many years to come.
    Your contribution for the future of mankind is huge!
    I can’t find words to thank you, so I’ll just give my support as long as I can.
    Love you ❤️

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