More on Dima in Novi Sad

From left: Sabina, Paula, Agneta, Dima, Rudolfs and Kaspars with the beautiful Danube in the background.

Two weeks ago, we told you about Dima Dubinin’s third visit to Novi Sad, Serbia, where he audited and trained a group of our public.

Dima was asked to extend his stay so that Angelika Novozhilova and Igor Kalinin, Dima’s hosts, could continue their progress. During Dima’s final week in Novi Sad, Kaspars Cveigelis, his wife Agneta and daughter Sabina, joined the party and also received auditing. Kaspars, from Riga, Latvia, is an old-timer at Dror but due to the Corona crisis cannot come to Haifa, so decided to make the road trip of 1600 km to Novi Sad. On this trip, Kaspars was joined by Agneta and Sabina, who received auditing for the first time, and their two younger kids, Paula and Rudolfs.

From left to right: Rudolfs, Igor, Dima, Kaspars, Paula, Agneta, Angelika and Sabina celebrating their successes.

Kaspars first came to Dror Center in early 2016 to receive auditing and training.

Since then, he has been visiting Dror regularly until the coronavirus outbreak.  Kaspars’s last visit was on March 13, 2019, when he completed his Objectives Processes and the Scientology Drug Rundown.

Now, during Kaspars’ stay in Novi Sad,  he completed Grade 0 – Communication Release.

Here is Kaspars’ success story:

“Until now, I’ve always made my communications complicated. I now see that if I just apply the communication formula, confront, and communicate efficiently, it helps me tremendously to achieve my goals. The auditing was very professional. There were hardships on the way but we took care of them all.
“Thank you to my auditor, and for doing everything he did properly. I now understand that communication is a simple thing.”

Agneta Cveigelis received her first introductory auditing and shared with us her success:

“As I said, good things don’t come immediately. I was invited long ago by my husband to begin auditing, and I thought that it will be difficult and unpleasant, but after the first session, I changed my mind. I realized new things about help, charge was released, and I understood that I am indeed helping others!

“The process wasn’t easy, but now I’m very thankful to my husband for encouraging me to do it. I am calmer and the fear that accompanied me all this time is gone. I am ready to live.
Thank you to my auditor. You are my hero.”

Dima having fun on a break

Angelika Novozhilova started her adventure up the Bridge in February 2020, when Dima first visited Serbia. She received intensive auditing, beginning with Life Repair and continuing up to Grade 1 – Problems Release. On Dima’s second visit, Angelika completed Grade 2 – Relief Release, Grade 3 – Freedom Release, and Grade 4 – Ability Release.

On Dima’s last visit, Angelika started on New Era Dianetics and is advancing rapidly towards the State of Clear.

Angelika achieved valuable cognitions which she was thrilled to share with us:

“This auditing was a very exciting and interesting experience. Every thought, every action that I have or make, has its roots in the past. Everything that seemed natural to me, is an old postulate that has nothing to do with today’s reality. It is interesting and upsetting to some extent, when I look back at some stupid things that I did due to past decisions I was not aware of. I now have to learn to live with this new vision and understanding. I need to re-think every thought or action, but it is worth doing.”

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  1. We did a very good job.
    I took with me the most valuable what I have and gave them the best what I could give.

    Thanks to Andzelika and Igor for their hospitality, Dima for high professional auditing and for the whole Dror center for support

    Keep going

    1. Tami Lemberger

      Great Kaspars! You are an incredible Operating Thetan, for making it go right, moving up the Bridge despite the Covid restrictions! And … getting your wife and daughter to get experience their first contact with LRH Technology!!!

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