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Dani Lemberger in L.A., Fourth and Final Section: Questions & Answers

In Oct 2017, Tami and Dani Lemberger were in Los Angeles, hosted by Grace and Ken Aaron. On Oct. 25th, the Aaron’s invited many of their friends to meet with Tami and Dani. Dani told the story of Dror Center, their departure from the Church in 2012, the ensuing legal battle and, finally, the story behind the LifePower book.

Hutch Says

Robert ‘Hutch’ Hutchinson is a musician and renowned drummer who started doing Scientology after he read the Dianetics book in January, 1970. After reading Book One, he came on lines at the New York Org, starting with TR’s and continuing all the way up to OT 5, Audited NOT’s, in AOLA (Advanced Org Los Angeles).

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