LifePower Prague Kicks into Action

We are proud and excited to welcome 2023 with the opening of a new LifePower center!

LifePower Prague is now open and delivering to its first students.

LifePower Prague, located in the center of Prague, Czech Republic, is headed by Veronika Schick and supported by Ivana Lustincova, Honza Schicker, and our many friends in the Czech Republic. Veronika recently returned to Prague after her third visit to Dror Center.

Her first visit was with her mom, Ivana Lustincova.

Her second visit was with her dad, Honza Schicker, during which she gave a heartfelt interview.

Veronika was deeply impressed by Ron Hubbard’s Technology, and she enjoyed fantastic wins on her auditing and training. She decided to make delivery of the Tech her life’s mission. Having studied the LifePower courses and participating in their translation into Czech, she realized we have the know-how and the tools required to reach the broad public.

Thus, Veronika came to Dror Center in September 2022, with the goal to complete her training as a LifePower Coach and attain the ability to train and audit others. She stayed in Haifa for three months, attending Dror’s academy daily, studying, and receiving auditing. With hard work and determination, Veronika completed four academy courses and two stages on the Route to Spiritual Freedom.

Soon after returning to Prague, Veronika opened the activity of LifePower Prague. She just sent us these photos of Lily, her first student on the Effective Communication Course, see below. We are thrilled to see what the future holds for LifePower Prague. Congratulations Veronika!

Prior to leaving Haifa, Veronika gave this interview to Dani Lemberger. For your convenience, we have added subtitles in English.

5 thoughts on “LifePower Prague Kicks into Action”

  1. Very Well Done Veronika for you determination to disseminate Ron’s Philosophy and Technology in your hometown Prague!!
    This is the best Christmas / Hanukkah gift I’ve ever gotten!!
    Lots of love

  2. Great job Veronica!!!
    I am very happy that you’re start delivering LRH knowledges in Prag! 👏👏👏💝
    Keep going!!!

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