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A clear is defined on the Bridge to Total Freedom as “A being who no longer has his own reactive mind.”

Another description of a clear; from the book Dianetics: “The clear is an unaberrated person. He is rational in that he forms the best possible solutions he can on the data he has and from his viewpoint, he obtains the maximum pleasure for the organism, present and future, as well as for the subjects along the other dynamics. The clear has no engrams which can be restimulated to throw out the correctness of computation by entering hidden and false data into it.”

Dani Lemberger Talks about LifePower’s New Release

Dear friends,
This is Eitan Baitner, Dror Friends’ site Administrator.

I am happy to tell you that the LifePower project continues to expand. So far, four books have been published, written by Dani Lemberger:

  • LifePower book,
  • The Complete Communication Manual,
  • The Story of C and I: Theory and Practice of Control and Intention,
  • Your Guide to Clearing.

Experience Dror’s Auditing Right Where You Are!

Hello, Dear Friend!
Eitan Baitner here.

Yes, you read it correctly. You can experience Dror Center’s quality auditing at your home. And I am not talking about auditing on-line …

Over the past year, Dror Center has been providing Case Supervision services to Class VIII auditor Wolfgang Keller.

Wolfgang began his Scientology journey at the New York Org in 1969. After reaching OT III, Wolfgang decided to quit his successful engineering career and to become an auditor!

The Purification Rundown: Dror vs. The Church of Scientology

Dear friends, this is Aviv Bershadsky, Auditor and Case Supervisor at Dror Center.

For many years I have been saying that the Technology in the Church of Scientology is altered, and that you would get best results at Dror Center. In my previous article, published last week, we discussed Life Repair. In this article, I would like to take up the Purification Rundown.

Life Repair Auditing: At the Church or at Dror Center?

Dear friends, this is Aviv Bershadsky, Auditor and C/S at Dror Center.

For many years I have been saying that the technology delivered in the Church of Scientology is altered, resulting in poor gains. I believe that you may receive the best results when doing your auditing at Dror Center. As obvious as it may be for me, I suppose it may not be that evident for others. That is why I decided to write a series of articles to cover the subject from the perspective of someone who is seeking the best results: “What’s in it for me?”

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