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Hello, Dear Friend!
Eitan Baitner here.

Yes, you read it correctly. You can experience Dror Center’s quality auditing at your home. And I am not talking about auditing on-line …

Over the past year, Dror Center has been providing Case Supervision services to Class VIII auditor Wolfgang Keller.

Wolfgang began his Scientology journey at the New York Org in 1969. After reaching OT III, Wolfgang decided to quit his successful engineering career and to become an auditor!

Eventually, Wolfgang did his Class VIII Auditor Course at AOSH EU, Copenhagen, and opened a successful field group, ‘ARC Team’. After joining the Sea Org at Flag in 1978, Wolfgang did his Class VI Internship again. He then worked at Flag’s Case Cracking Unit, the elite HGC section, for two years. On his own Bridge, Wolfgang went all the way up to Solo NOTs at Flag.

In 2012, after observing numerous Tech and Admin outpoints in the Church, Wolfgang decided to leave it. Nevertheless, Wolfgang continued to audit people. He began to travel to different locations worldwide and to deliver auditing to his PCs in the USA, Canada, Germany, Italy, Thailand, Australia, you name it…

In 2019, Wolfgang visited Dror Center. He was impressed with Dror’s technical team and asked Dror C/S’s, Tami Lemberger and Aviv Bershadsky, to provide C/S’ing for his auditing. Aviv and Tami have been C/S’ing for Wolfgang the last year and the P/C’s success stories show this has been a win-win solution for all. Here are some recent wins from Wolfgang’s P/C’s:

E.N. on a Progress Program:
“First, I have lost a lot of charge and really feel relieved.

Second, I have achieved quite a distance from any reactive charge. I am again more in control of things and situations.

Additionally, I realized quite a few things. I know that I live on all of my dynamics simultaneously. Usually, I act regarding one dynamic. However, I should keep in mind that in all my decisions, I have to consider my other dynamics as well.

I realized how I tend to act fast and compulsively under the influence of my bank, which always results in bad solutions. For my future, I see it as my main endeavor to ignore or refuse stupidity.

Life is so much more fun! I thank my auditor, Wolfgang, who gets me through my sessions and my C/S, who guides us professionally.

My special thanks go to Ron for leaving us with this workable tech.” E.N.

False Purpose Rundown:
“Presently I am on the False Purpose Rundown and I have experienced an exceptional win.

First of all, it confirmed my assessment that I need this Rundown very clearly.

I was able to delete every chain that led me to a destructive intention. I am very happy that my confront is sufficient so that I can free myself from my imprisonment.

In my last session, I had a win that I cannot describe in words. I blew a lot of charge. I cannot really describe this rehabilitation of myself with our MEST-bound language.

I only know it is life changing and it will only manifest itself in life how fundamental this change is.

It is important that every being on earth can do these steps of freeing themselves.

From a Christian perspective this process would be called ‘Redemption’. A huge THANKS to my auditor, Wolfgang and my C/S Aviv.

Thanks also to Ron, the FPRD is a highlight of his TECH.

I’m looking forward to my next wins.” E.N.

G. G. on Grade III Expanded:
“While being audited on Grade III, I removed a major block and I experienced how a postulate with the words “I don’t want” has been exerting a negative effect on my life.

After having looked at this exactly during my session, I felt great release even though the incident happened many decades ago.

After I completed my Grade III, I no longer have the urge to correct the reality of another person and can let the other person be the way he or she is.

My past upsets have no effect on me any longer. I can positively look into the future and enjoy being myself. Thanks to my auditor Wolfgang.” G.G

R. P. on Grade IV Expanded:
“This grade is simply super. Finally, I am free of fixed conditions.

My blockages, that burdened me all my life and that I couldn’t overcome, are gone.

The ability to start new things and to begin anew are like being reborn. I am so happy to finally be free and able to start my life with full power.

Thanks to Ron Hubbard for the superb Technology and to my auditor for the great auditing.

Everybody should obtain this ability.” R.P.

Wolfgang delivers the entire Bridge, except for certain levels which can be done at Dror. For details of receiving auditing at your home, kindly contact me by replying to this mail.

Best Regards, Eitan

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