Back at Dror – Hana Does OT 2!

Hana Hanka Esentierova

Dror Center has been offering its services for 30 years now, ranging from basic LifePower Courses and going all the way up to the OT Levels. Most of Dror’s public is local, but since 2012 we have seen a huge flow of international visitors. People have been arriving from across the world to receive services, mainly the OT Levels, and to train as auditors. With huge wins on Hubbard’s Standard Tech, the public kept returning while spreading the word and bringing new public.

A large group of Dror public has developed in Prague, Czech Republic, with the support of our close friend, Hania Mrkos, who visited Haifa several times. Hania has been encouraging his friends to do the same.

On April 23, 2021, Hania completed the Between Lives Data Course.

Due to the Coronavirus, travel to Israel has been closed since April 2020. That was a bump in the road, but after the initial shock, Dror Center recovered and kept going stronger than ever. The local public continued to acquire tools to help them in these uncertain times, and Dror’s Academy Supervisors started offering online training to the international public.

And now, after two years, the restrictions are beginning to lift. The first visitor to take advantage of the opening skies happens to be the person who left just before the madness began. Hana Esentierova’s last visit, in April 2020, was cut short by the decision to close the borders, as she had to make a speedy getaway back to Prague. Still, Hana successfully completed the theory of Advanced Level 2 and went home ready to Solo Audit on OT 2.

On December 19, 2019, we published an article telling how Hana completed Solo Auditor training and reached OT 1.

On June 4, 2021, we posted that Hana Esentierova and her friend Anna Jelinkova completed online training on the Between-Lives Data Course.

Two weeks ago, Hana returned to Dror to attest to OT 2 and move on to OT 3 – The Wall of Fire!

We invite you to watch Hana sharing her wins with us. (Please note: Hana is speaking Russian. We have added English subtitles for your convenience.)

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