Josef Therling’s Greetings from Germany

Josef Therling
Josef Therling

The following is a translation of a letter from Josef, a German Independent Scientologist, to the German blog Der Treffpunkt. Josef gives his impressions about Dror Center after having visited there:

Hello Felicitas,

Thanks to the articles on your website, I have made contact with Dror Center in Haifa, Israel.

Today, 14 Feb 2014, I am back in Berlin after spending a week at DrorCenter. It was a fantastic week during which I got to know this Independent group and even receive some auditing there.

My expectations were more than fulfilled. These people are simply terrific, I received excellent service. I was cared for as I’ve never seen in a Scientology group. The beauty at Dror is that the structure of an Org is in function. I had the impression that the tech is applied very intelligently, not according to some robotic scheme.

Dani emphasized that they provide only original source. The OT levels up to OT 8 are available at Dror in their original form. Dani referred me to the web-site of Free Scientologists Israel where there is a full explanation of the OT levels and how these were corrupted by Miscavige in the Church. Simply, Miscavige does not want people to go OT.

Dani and Tami and their staff have worked hard and invested many efforts to recover the information and materials first-hand in their travels to the USA and by having top Tech experts come to Israel.

Since 2005, I have had no Third Dynamic in regard to my spiritual advancement. I have “crawled and suffered” sufficiently, looking for friends but have now found them. I am very glad that I was at Dror; soon I will be there again.

My recommendation, to all who are interested, is: View on this site and get an idea. Get in comm with the guys at Dror,, or call them at +972-4-8672788. Better still, go visit and see for yourself.

By the way, Dani Lemberger was immensely grateful to you for the German translation and posting on your web-site of his resignation letter. Until I told him, he knew nothing about it.

Greetings, Josef Therling

In this photo, I am in the middle with Tami (on the right) and my auditor Aviv (left).


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