Pleased to Introduce – Baiba Berzina

In August 2021, Dima Dubinin, Dror Center’s Senior Auditor, visited Riga, Latvia to audit and train the staff and public of Riga’s LifePower Center.

LifePower Riga was founded four years ago based on the LifePower books and courses with a goal to deliver Hubbard’s Bridge to Spiritual Freedom to the people of Latvia.

No. 9 Done: Dima Jitovetsky

Dima Jitovetsky

Dror Center’s main goal since its founding in 1992 has been the training of auditors. Dror’s technical team is working tirelessly to train auditors easily and quickly while ensuring 100% Standard Tech for maximum achievements of the preclears.

Dror’s major Tech breakthrough is the full alignment of auditor academy training with the processing requirements according to Hubbard’s Bridge to Spiritual Freedom.

Kindly Meet: Natan Karachev

Natan Karachev

We are happy to introduce Natan Karachev.

Natan Karachev is 35 years old. He immigrated to Israel from Russia with his parents in 2000.

Since 2017, Natan has been working as a professional real estate agent. He came to Dror Center about a year ago with his friend, Ruslan Aminov, who invited him to a lecture for businesspeople about the organizing board.

Eyal Does All L’s

Since the beginning of 2018, Tami Lemberger, Dror’s Senior C/S, has concentrated on studying how to deliver, and receiving herself, the three fantastic L Rundowns: L 11, L 10, and L 12.

The L Rundowns were developed by Ron Hubbard aboard the Apollo ship, designed to rehabilitate the abilities of senior executives in the application of Admin Tech for expansion of their orgs. Later, these same three rundowns were found to immensely boost every individual’s O.T. abilities.

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