Moshe W: Public from Around the World

Aviv and Moshe (on the right)

Moshe Wilbushewich arrived recently at DrorCenter to continue his progress up the Bridge. Moshe came to Dror from New Jersey, USA, where he lives.

Moshe is the owner of S & H Rugs, one of the largest companies in the US for the marketing of rugs. Moshe’s company imports rugs from India and China and distributes it in the US and in many countries around the world. Most of the company’s activity is carried out through it’s website, Moshe invites us to his companys website.


Moshe started doing Scientology in 1989. He did many introductory courses at New York Org and later started professional auditor training at Flag. Moshe completed his Class IV internship at Flag in 1991 and also did there many other courses. Moshe progressed half-way on the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course, Class VI Auditor. When he was in the middle of the course, the Church of Scientology prevented Moshe from continuing and so we lost a gifted auditor. Following this, Moshe left the Church and never came back for services.


Recently, Moshe arrived at DrorCenter to resume his auditing and to progress to Clear and on the Advanced Levels. Moshe shares with us his feelings:


“It’s a lot of fun to be back. It’s a great experience, coming to Dror Center and continuing what I started 22 years ago. Aviv Bershadsky is my auditor, he’s an excellent auditor.”


The first action Moshe completed with Aviv was “New Era Dianetics – Drug Rundown”. Here is his success story:


“Completing this Rundown is the end of a cycle I started 22 years ago. I always wanted to complete this Rundown because I had great wins on it. I am very glad I completed. I handled all sorts of emotions and feelings which I did not know where they were coming from and which I wasn’t happy with. I intend to continue my progress on the Bridge in order to gain much more power and joy for me and for those around me. I am grateful for the help I am receiving here.”


Moshe continued on New Era Dianetics, and completed another action – Relief Release. Moshe says:


“On this Rundown, I experienced major wins and got a whole different view on all sorts of feelings and negative emotions I experienced in the past. I realized why they influenced me and why I was under their control. I feel much calmer and free in present time and it’s only the beginning. Thanks a lot.”


On the following day, Moshe started the next Rundown of NED, and in a few days attested to “Dianetics – Service Facsimile Handling”. Here is what he has to say:


“This process is very powerful. I looked at all kinds of viewpoints which were sometimes very obsessive and now I’m in control over them. I can see where they were coming from and why. I also saw strange behaviors of mine and others that seemed “safe”, even if there was no rational reason for them. I am very glad to be back on the Bridge after many years off. I am thankful for the return of my hope to be a happy and free being.”


Moshe summarizes his visit to the Holy Land with these words:

“After many years in the “wasteland”, I’m glad I have found my org, my new home. Dror Center applies Standard Technology precisely, with excellent service and care. At Dror, the attention is on forwarding me on the Bridge, with no other consideration. I thank Dror’s staff for the work they are doing to avail the Bridge for everyone and I thank Ron Hubbard for his wonderful technology.”

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  1. Great on your wins, Moshe! It was a great pleasure having you here. I’m looking forward to seeing you again and continuing your Bridge!.



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