Almost There

The renovations at Dror’s new premises are nearing completion.
We shall soon move to our new home!

On May 21st earlier this year, we published an article about Dror Center’s new home. Dror Center is moving to a major office building in Downtown Haifa, where we will occupy an entire floor spanning 650 square meters.

The renovations began immediately after the purchase was made. This included, but wasn’t limited to, taking down walls, erecting new walls, renewing the ceilings, new flooring, removal of rubbish, all new electrical infrastructure, new water pipes, new air-conditioning, new light fixtures, new wi-fi, new security measures, two new kitchens, new bathrooms, and lots more brand new stuff.

On June 25th we posted a second article about the renovations.

Here’s a peek preview of the renovation process showing how everything is progressing.
We’ll see you soon in our new home!

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