They Just Keep Winning

On 16 October 2021, Dror Center held its fabulous Graduation Party.

On 22 October 2021 we posted a section from the party – a concert played by brilliant Eiby Zelnik.

On 5 November 2021, we posted another section – Tami Lemberger talking about Ron Hubbard’s Technology and its application at Dror.

At the party, Dror’s graduates received certificates for the auditing levels and the courses they recently completed. The crowd got excited listening to their astounding wins.

On 3 December 2021, we posted the first round of completions.

On 10 December 2021, we posted the second round of completions.

Today, we bring before you the third group of graduates:

  • Ronit Schaul – A personal stylist and owner of a cleaning company. Ronit has been on Dror Center lines for 25 years. Ronit completed OT Drug Rundown.
  • Vika Voland – A senior hospital nurse, she has been on lines for 25 years. Vika completed Audited NOT’s – NED for OT’s.
  • Dima Jitovetsky – A senior technology engineer for a high-tech company. He has been on lines for 25 years. Dima completed Solo NOT’s and the Life Repair Auditor Course. He shares his wins from doing this level and from giving auditing.
  • Don Schaul – Founder of Clearing Center Tel-Aviv, Don has been on Dror’s lines from the age of 9. He is a class 5 Auditor. Don completed OT 3 – Wall of Fire and the OT Drug Rundown.

We are grateful to all who participated in our Graduation Party and shared their achievements.

Please note: The video is in Hebrew. We have added English subtitles. To enable the subtitles, please press the subtitle toggle button, located at the bottom of the video control:

Enjoy watching!

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