Sneak Peek at Dror’s Future Home

Dror Center has been expanding rapidly over the past few years. We posted our stats for 2020 on 29th January 2021, and the affluence trend has continued since.

Dror’s growth is fueled by the LifePower books, course checksheets, and promotional actions which continue to attract new public to Ron Hubbard’s philosophy. For our readers who are not yet familiar with LifePower, we recommend that you watch “The Story of LifePower”, in which Dani Lemberger, author of the LP books, explains what prompted him to engage in this vast project.

With more students and pre-clears joining Dror and moving up the Bridge, and additional auditors in training, our current facilities are full almost every day. Thus, after a long search, Dror’s management bought suitable premises on 12 May 2021, and immediately began renovations.

Dror Center will soon relocate to its future home – a whole floor in an office building in downtown Haifa, measuring 650 sq. meters (approx 7,000 sq. feet). Here, Dror will have the full facilities required to deliver all services of Hubbard’s Bridge: 11 auditing rooms, an Academy with theory and practical halls to accommodate over 100 students arriving from Israel and around the world (trusting the Corona crisis is soon behind us), a sauna center for delivery of the Purification Rundown, a large balcony for resting and eating with a view on downtown and a glimpse at Haifa Bay, admin offices and even two guestrooms and a kitchen for our overseas guests.   

Dror’s staff and public are excited about the upgrade and cannot wait to see how the renovations turn out. Currently, there are two crews on-site – electrical and construction. Work is moving along briskly. Here are some pictures from a week ago, showing work in progress. Today, the place looks a lot better. Within 2-3 months, it will be ready for us to move in.

15 thoughts on “Sneak Peek at Dror’s Future Home”

  1. Valerie from France

    Nice project.
    The building seems suitable for an Org.
    All my support for the job still remaining 😉

  2. Tami+Lemberger

    Thank you!

    One needs a bit of imagination to envision the future aesthetic MEST … right now it’s a bit EN-MEST 😉

    Can’t wait for this project to be done!


  3. Wow looks good, big kitchen and lots of windows. thanks to everyone who helps in this project ! ❤️🤩👏👏👏

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