Tami No. 3: Welcome to True Scientology!

2Hello my Dear Friends!

In our previous two articles, we discussed the barriers created to interfere with your progress up the Bridge. You also read the good news that there is no monopoly on LRH’s full materials of the Bridge.

As I promised earlier, today I am going to tell you about an organization which has been viable for the last 24 years of its existence. This organization, Dror Center, has never charged a dime for anything but courses and auditing, has never performed any unnecessary auditing actions and has provided its public with an opportunity to move up the Bridge smoothly and with pleasure.

A few words introducing our team:

The word ‘dror” means ‘freedom’ in Hebrew. It is the name of the Scientology center founded by Dani and Tami Lemberger in 1992. Since its foundation, Dror’s main policy is to deliver 100% LRH standard auditing while maintaining a friendly atmosphere for our guests. We value the wins and gains of each student, preclear and pre-OT, not the weekly statistics.

Tami1I am Tami Lemberger, the head of Dror’s technical team. I began to study Scientology in 1980 and soon decided to become a professional auditor. I completed an intensive training program at Flag and am a Class V Graduate Auditor and C/S. I also completed Solo NOTs, Flag’s New OT VII, in 2007. Twenty four years ago, I started working as a full-time auditor and case supervisor. Senior C/S Int twice presented me with the Top Field Auditor Award, for Auditor’s Day 2000 and 2002.

AvivOur auditor and C/S, Aviv Bershadsky, began his training at Saint Hill, England in the year 2000 and completed his Class IV Auditor Internship at AOSH EU, Copenhagen. Aviv continued his professional training at the Class V Org in Tampa, Florida. Today, he is a Class V Graduate Auditor and Case Supervisor. He was awarded the Top Israeli Field Auditor Award twice. Aviv is currently solo’ing on NOT’s, he’s been a full-time auditor over 14 years.

DimaDima Dubinin has worked at Dror for over 18 years. Dima is an experienced Course Supervisor who was awarded Top Missions Course Supervisor international. Dima also trained at Tel Aviv Org and Tampa Org as a Class V Auditor and Purification Rundown In-Charge.

Our three full-time auditors deliver auditing in English, Russian and Hebrew. In my next article I will tell you more about our team. I would like to draw your attention to several points:

The total professional auditing experience of our team is 54 years! These are 54 years of invaluable experience, of technical perfection and a smooth operation. We have been here 24 years, which means we will also be able to serve you in the many years to come. It is rare to find such expertise and stability anywhere.

All our staff is steadily moving up the Bridge. That is our secret to a group that is theta, lots of ARC and a family-like warmth.

I would not write this, if  our preclears and pre-OTs weren’t telling us about it. All I want is to bring to your knowledge the reality of what is going on in our group.

Let us read what our publics say:

Viky2-150x150Victoria Severin, in Scientology since 1993, a former Sea Org member, worked in the Hubbard Humanitarian Center, Moscow, from 1994 and until 1999. She is currently an entrepreneur and the owner of a cosmetics e-shop. Here is what Victoria says:

I am writing this opinion about Dror Center in 2014. I thank my lucky stars that led me to Dror college in Haifa in 2004.

I have been a friend of Dror team for 10 years. I am their public and a preclear. I owe whatever good I have in my life as a Spiritual Being, all my wins and the improvement of my condition solely to Ron, Aviv Bershadsky, my auditor, Tami Lemberger, my Case Supervisor, and all members of the Dror Center.

I worked in the Sea Org in Russia for 5 years. I understand what can be wrong in terms of poor delivery and I know what a high quality delivery is. I am a most demanding preclear.

I am writing with all honesty that Dror delivers auditing exactly as it should be delivered.

In Dror you, a Spiritual Being, realize that you are being COMPLETELY understood and accepted and that the people are willing to help you.

You can actually bring your case here, with all your problems, including any full track recollections. You can tell about yourself and your peculiarities anything that you feel or remember. They have sufficient experience, reality and technical qualification. They will understand you and help you.

Please know that if an organization of ANY level located anywhere issued a long and complicated handling program for you and you looked at it and virtually gave up on it, my advice is to go to Dror. While Case Supervisors get the same training, their IQ, causative level and their experience is not the same.  What one C/S cannot solve another C/S will probably solve easily.

Here is my personal experience:

In 2009, I was about to receive Objective Processes in the Church of Scientology of Moscow (CSM). Unfortunately, I went OUT INT. I wrote a  letter about this to two C/Ss at once: the Case Supervisor at CSM and my Case Supervisor at Dror. The Case Supervisor at CSM routed me to Ethics and I realized that there was a long handling process ahead, and nobody knew where it was going to end. My C/S at Dror told me to come and added that Dror was willing to take me from there on. I asked CSM to send my folders  to Dror (as I was initially Dror’s public) and I flew to Israel. In Dror, my problem was solved during an hour and a half’s session and I successfully completed my Objective Processes there.

In Dror, I completed Life Repair auditing rundown, Purification Rundown, Objective Processes and the Drug Rundown.

Each rundown was ABSOLUTELY successful. I can continue to describe my wins on many more pages, and, trust me, whenever I recall them, my needle is floating 🙂

It is really good, warm and safe to be in Dror. You come there and you feel that you as a Spiritual Being have come to where you should be. There, it is all set and ready for you to go in session and get your success in auditing. Fancy furniture or buildings do not matter, this is where you feel FREE and GOOD as a spiritual being.

Once, one of the execs of CSM told me, as if reproaching, when I was telling people about Dror: ‘Well, of course, it is where all attention is on you’. That’s right, it is where all attention is on me as a public and a preclear. I don’t want to be a bolt on a assembly line. I WANT my life and my condition to be important. The staff members of Dror do that FOR EVERYONE.

In Dror, you can breathe freely. You have the right to take your time and have your thoughts. Nobody rushes you to complete a course or auditing. You have the right to love or hate, to like or dislike. They talk to you, they refer to the materials to bring to understanding. And nobody will ever talk to you like this: ‘You are a potentially dangerous person for the Organization, you should be thoroughly watched over, and if you ever step aside it will be taken as an attempt to run away’. You come there and they are happy to see you, and you are their friend. They will explain the rules to you, and you will put the books and dictionaries on the shelves in the classroom, and you will wash your plates in the cafeteria, and nobody will ever recruit you into anything, they will not draw any donations out of you, and they will not insist that you attend the next celebration party. You will not be judged for not doing all of the above.

By the way, you will want to attend their parties and will find yourself wondering what delicious things to bring with you, because you are going to a place that you love and you want to contribute to the party. You will be happy to see another hundred people from all of Israel to attend this party. They come with their own treats and sweets, and they bring their families and their children.


Dror’s staff members have a high level of control. They have EXCELLENT control, and they will do every action as described by Ron to you as a preclear but at the same time they will maintain the highest ARC.

Dror’s staff members have a high level of human and professional integrity. They ONLY do what RON wrote about. They never did change the Objective Processes or the Purification Rundown. They had enough intelligence, courage and abilities to make their own assessment of facts to stop participating in the collection of money for IAS and the Ideal Organizations Project and protect their public from it.

You really matter as a person to those working at Dror. Over the recent 10 years I have had a magic thread to connect me with the Bridge and leading me on it, and it is my communication with my auditor, Aviv Bershadsky. I can put my auditing on hold to go and make money for it, but I have a goal and I have a friend and a technical terminal to whom it is important to know how I am doing. We are always in communication. It is IMPORTANT for him that I will achieve my success.

Come to Dror. Especially come to Dror if you have been stuck, have had no session for a long time, and nobody understands your situation. They are professionals and they will help you.

Much ARC,

Victoria Severin

אביב-ואורי-וילבוש-300x275-300x275Moshe Wilbushewich arrived recently at DrorCenter to continue his progress up the Bridge. Moshe came to Dror from New Jersey, USA, where he lives.

Moshe is the owner of S & H Rugs, one of the largest companies in the US for the marketing of rugs. Moshe’s company imports rugs from India and China and distributes it in the US and in many countries around the world. Most of the company’s activity is carried out through it’s website, Moshe invites us to his companys website.

Moshe started doing Scientology in 1989. He did many introductory courses at New York Org and later started professional auditor training at Flag. Moshe completed his Class IV internship at Flag in 1991 and also did there many other courses. Moshe progressed half-way on the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course, Class VI Auditor. When he was in the middle of the course, the Church of Scientology prevented Moshe from continuing and so we lost a gifted auditor. Following this, Moshe left the Church and never came back for services.

Recently, Moshe arrived at DrorCenter to resume his auditing and to progress to Clear and on the Advanced Levels. Moshe shares with us his feelings:

“It’s a lot of fun to be back. It’s a great experience, coming to Dror Center and continuing what I started 22 years ago. Aviv Bershadsky is my auditor, he’s an excellent auditor.”

The first action Moshe completed with Aviv was “New Era Dianetics – Drug Rundown”. Here is his success story:

“Completing this Rundown is the end of a cycle I started 22 years ago. I always wanted to complete this Rundown because I had great wins on it. I am very glad I completed. I handled all sorts of emotions and feelings which I did not know where they were coming from and which I wasn’t happy with. I intend to continue my progress on the Bridge in order to gain much more power and joy for me and for those around me. I am grateful for the help I am receiving here.”

Moshe continued on New Era Dianetics, and completed another action – Relief Release. Moshe says:

“On this Rundown, I experienced major wins and got a whole different view on all sorts of feelings and negative emotions I experienced in the past. I realized why they influenced me and why I was under their control. I feel much calmer and free in present time and it’s only the beginning. Thanks a lot.”

On the following day, Moshe started the next Rundown of NED, and in a few days attested to “Dianetics – Service Facsimile Handling”. Here is what he has to say:

“This process is very powerful. I looked at all kinds of viewpoints which were sometimes very obsessive and now I’m in control over them. I can see where they were coming from and why. I also saw strange behaviors of mine and others that seemed “safe”, even if there was no rational reason for them. I am very glad to be back on the Bridge after many years off. I am thankful for the return of my hope to be a happy and free being.”

Moshe summarizes his visit to the Holy Land with these words:

“After many years in the “wasteland”, I’m glad I have found my org, my new home. Dror Center applies Standard Technology precisely, with excellent service and care. At Dror, the attention is on forwarding me on the Bridge, with no other consideration. I thank Dror’s staff for the work they are doing to avail the Bridge for everyone and I thank Ron Hubbard for his wonderful technology.”



Our organization is in the city of Haifa, Israel. Israel is a beautiful country inhabited by high-tone and friendly people. Our city of Haifa is situated on Mount Carmel along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Haifa is famous for its Bahá’í gardens.

On Mount Carmel there are many natural reserves where you can walk.

The food is very good and healthy in Israel, which contributes to an excellent metabolism.

The sky, the big space, the sea, the sun, the warm group environment full of theta ESPECIALLY help one to have successful auditing and make it useful and very pleasant to stay with us.

You  have a variety of hotels in Haifa  to suit every pocket, style and taste. Furthermore, we have even more effordable accommodation just by the Dror Center.

In the area near the organization there is a beautiful and cozy garden and even a small pond.

Inside Dror

While your stay in Haifa, you may also visit globally known cities of Israel, such as Nazareth and Jerusalem.

In our next article you will read about what happened to our group in 2012 and how it can help you. We will answer your question regarding where you can get the Upper OT levels. Please check your inbox in two days to read my next article.

I will be grateful if you leave your comments and questions below in the comment field. I will be happy to reply and help.

You can contact me directly at aviv@drorcenter.co.il.

See you in two days! Flourish and prosper!

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