Tami No. 4: Your Road to OT!

Tami Lemberger

The Route to OT

Hello, my dear friends! This article is the last one in the series of the four articles that you have received earlier. In it, I will tell you about what happened to our group in 2012. How it can help you personally and how you can achieve full OT with our team. Finally, I will introduce you to the other Dror staff and I will tell you about the duties that they perform in the team.

Because in July 2012, after we had tried for 18 years and many times to handle the Church of Scientology, our whole group and the public left the Church of Scientology. We did not agree to many outpoints of the Church. Most importantly, we would not send our publics to the non-standard auditing delivered by Advanced Organizations and the Flag. We had plenty of evidence that the auditing that they delivered was NON-standard.

Since we had many Clears and OTs by that time, we had to take responsibility for their further progress up the Bridge.

Silvia Llorens

Silvia Llarence at Dror CenterIn early 2013 we invited Silvia Llorens, a Sea Org veteran. Silvia Llorens was a member of the Sea Org for 24 years. She also worked several years in the Religious Technology Center and then came to Flag where she worked until 2007. Silvia is a Class IX auditor and was in charge of training of Class IX auditors. In addition, during her career, Silvia trained hundreds of Class IX auditors at Flag. In 2007, when Silvia could not bear Flag’s Out-Tech any longer, she quit the Sea Org.

Before Silvia came to Dror, me and Aviv were Class V Graduate auditors and were on  OT levels  at the Church of Scientology. After Silvia came to Dror, me and Aviv suspended the auditing of our preclears and retired to a confidential classroom together with Sylvia. Aviv and I left the classroom as Class IX auditors and Case Supervisors. Ever since, Dror has been successfully delivering OT levels to its public.

Let us read what our public who are OTs says about us:

Josef Therling

Joseph, physiotherapy practitioner, Germany. 20 years in Scientology.Joseph, Aviv and Tami

“Today, 14 Feb 2014, I am back in Berlin after spending a week at Dror Center. It was a fantastic week in which I got to know this Independent group and even receive some auditing there.

My expectations were more than fulfilled. These people are simply terrific, I received excellent service. I was cared for as I have never seen in a Scientology group. The beauty at Dror is that the structure of an Org is in function. I had the impression that the tech is applied very intelligently, not according to some robotic scheme.

Dani emphasized that they provide only original source. The OT levels up to OT VIII are available at Dror in their original form. Dani referred me to the web-site of Free Scientologists Israel where a full explanation of the OT levels and how these were corrupted by Miscavige in the Church. Simply, Miscavige does not want people to go OT.

Dani and Tami and their staff have worked hard and invested many efforts to recover the information and first-hand materials  in their travels to the USA and by having top Tech experts come to Israel.

Since 2005, I have had no Third Dynamic in regard to my spiritual advancement. I have “crawled and suffered” sufficiently, looking for friends but have now found them. I am very glad that I found Dror; soon I will be there again.

My recommendation, to all who are interested, is: View on this site and get an idea. Get in comm with the guys at Dror, drorfriends@gmail.com, or call them at +972-4-8672788. Even better, go visit and see for yourself.”

Hemi Benvenisti

Hemi BenvenishtiHemi Benvenisti is the owner of a large piano shop in Tel-Aviv. He started his journey in Scientology in 1983, and went up the Bridge to OT III. Four years ago, Hemi joined Dror Center. Hemi is being audited on NOTs at Dror Center these days.

Hemi shares his wins with us:

Another auditing day at Dror, on this so interesting, crazy, thrilling, unbelievable and… happy rundown.

In the last few days my body struggled, got tired and protested on the loads of stuff I’m doing; taking many walks, long swimming sessions….

Managing a big business, study, NOTs auditing, friends and lovers, and a few other projects that I’m running.

So we gave the body a bit of respect and rest, and an assist or two to straighten the shoulders. And hop back to auditing.

Today at the end of the auditing day, I felt very nice, not more than that. I went straight to work, did many things, ran in the middle to my hairdresser to get a haircut. Great.

On the way home, at night, I went to do some shopping on a large central street. I walked, looked around, and then it hit me. I was shocked.

I’m in a different place, a different space. Different!! Wide, very clean, quiet. Inspiring. From different angles things are different, physically and mentally.

I am different, my potentials are different, my intention is different, much sharper, penetrating even further… and everything comes quietly, no noise or trumpets, but with a wide inner smile.

I realized that I am a potential. For… everything.

Dear Tami, thank you so much for the dedicated service and the high standards, from whatever viewpoint you may choose. Phenomenal!!

Professionalism, care, alertness, technical application!!! Affinity, reality, communication… understanding. And above all, a real intention to help. Chapeau!

Thanks to all of you, Dror staff members, you are making history, and I, at least, don’t take it for granted.

Love to all of you,


It is a pleasure to get auditing up to Clear and above in our group. Think about it. We offer the best quality auditing and only those auditing actions that you really need. We do not have neither IAS registrars nor recruiters. There is no Church-imposed supervision of your life or any framework for you to think or make decisions within. What is there, though? An environment that is absolutely free and full of theta and where you can be yourself. There is no pressure or reprimands, and people are happy to receive their smooth auditing.

Thank you for your attention. I will be happy to get to know you. You can write me at tami@drorcenter.co.il.

Flourish and prosper!

Tami Lemberger

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