Luba Baram on Leaving the Church and the B-L-D Course

Luba Baram

The ‘Between-Lives Data Course’ is one of Dror Center’s most sought-after courses. This course was compiled from Ron Hubbard’s articles and lectures by Aviv Bershadsky, Dror’s OT Review Auditor and C/S. The course is delivered at Dror’s Academy and can also be done online with a digital course pack and checksheet. Today, we are happy to share with you Luba Baram’s success story from the course.

For more data about the course, please listen to Aviv Bershadsky’s presentation.

Luba’s first contact with Scientology was in 2001, when she heard about it from a friend and came to the Moscow Org. In 2003, Luba and her family moved to Israel, and she found Dror Center. Luba began receiving Dianetics auditing from Carmela Weizman, Dror’s veteran Book Auditor, and advanced up the Bridge. In addition, she trained at the Tel Aviv Org as a Course Supervisor, a Dianetics Auditor, and an Objectives Co-Audit Supervisor.

In 2010, when Church management announced that the Tel-Aviv Org would soon become an ‘Ideal Org’, Luba joined staff at the Tel-Aviv Org.

On 23 June 2012, the Church of Scientology declared Tami and Dani Lemberger as Suppressive Persons.

Luba, along with most of her friends at Dror Center, decided to leave the Church. Luba trusted Dror Center like a family and refused to disconnect from Dror. Further, at the Tel-Aviv Org, she felt she was just a worker who had no real connection to anyone else, while at Dror Center she had friends and was studying and progressing on the Bridge. So, to her it was obvious – leave the Church and stay with Dror. This is how Luba describes the experience:

"During the two years I was on staff at the Tel Aviv Org, I noticed that the way they practice Scientology is like an investigation of the KGB, the Russian security service. Being on staff reminded me of the communist country I came from and caused me to feel resistance to it. I realized that the Church has no intention to provide spiritual help, but rather to look for what is wrong with the person.

"At Dror Center, on the other hand, it wasn’t like that at all. At Dror, Scientology was practiced in its true form - Standard Tech intended to help people. Dror felt like a warm, loving environment thanks to Tami and Dani, and when they were declared 'Suppressives', it was clear to me that I should leave the Church with them."

Luba is continuing her Bridge progress at Dror Center and is currently receiving auditing on New Era Dianetics. Recently, Luba completed the Between-Lives Data Course. Here is her success story:

"I asked my auditor, Dima Dubinin, which course I should do, and he suggested the ‘Between-Lives Data Course’.

"I began the course in anticipation of something new and unknown. I was in for a surprise, as I plunged into an ocean of new, fascinating, and enlightening knowledge. I looked back at my entire life and my actions.

"Hubbard explains in detail our behavior in this life and in future lives. He explains how our energy works, and how it helps us create. Where we direct our energy – that is what we get. Now I know how to act after I leave this body. I know what happens to the thetan after leaving the body. I understand what needs to be done next, who to be, and how to help others.

"This knowledge helps me understand others better. How to communicate, how to conduct a conversation, how to direct people towards making the right decisions and how to help them overcome their difficulties. I highly recommend this course."

We invite you to do your next step towards full spiritual freedom and receive the vital data in this course. Please send us any questions or comments you may have.

4 thoughts on “Luba Baram on Leaving the Church and the B-L-D Course”

  1. Well done, Luba!
    Happy for you. The way I see it is that you got early in The Dror Center some data from LRH that most pople would never get in “the old and now misguided and unwarranted church”.
    And I am not just talking about just “some data”… I am talking about VITAL DATA for any human in this eternal survival game, data which now puts you apart from those who will never get it.

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