Meet Shay Shabbi – On Auditor Training

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Dror Center in Haifa and our Tel-Aviv partner, Clearing Center, are expanding steadily. We currently have in our academies 43 students training to become LifePower Coaches and Bridge Auditors.

A LifePower Coach learns to supervise other students on basic courses (such as the Effective Communication and Study Essentials courses), and is also a ‘Book Auditor’ that can deliver Recall Processes and the Basic Clearing Process.

Our LifePower Coaches continue their training in the academy to become Bridge Auditors who deliver 100% Standard Tech and can take any person through the Grades and New Era Dianetics to the fabulous State of Clear.

We recently had a pleasant conversation with Dror student Shay Shabbi. Shay began his LifePower studies at the Clearing Center in Tel Aviv, and is now learning to be a Bridge Auditor at the Dror Academy. Shay just finished the Student Hat Course and is now doing the Professional TR’s Course.

Here’s our interview with Shay:

Hi Shay! Tell us about yourself.

Shay Shabbi, 27 years old, from Bat-Yam, happily married to Ifat.

I served in the army as an investigator until 2015 when I was released. After that I worked as a warehouse manager, while learning computer programming. Then, after finishing, I worked as a programmer for two years, but I realized that it doesn’t really suit my personal goals. I decided I need to change direction.

Why do you think programming didn’t work out for you?

My life was good. I had a good job, and then I started fooling around and things stopped working. I smoked weed and hung around people who weren’t a good influence

I was miserable at work. My friends left me. Thinking about it now, I’m glad it ended, because they were a bad influence, but back at that moment it was hard for me. I had a huge hole I couldn’t fill. It was a period of about two and a half years where every aspect of my life just kept getting worse.

Shay Shabbi

How did you find Clearing Center?

When I was 25 years old I realized that I needed a change, or else my life will be in danger because it will keep getting worse.

I started looking for something to help me and saw an ad on Facebook, so I decided to give it a chance. I made an appointment, and I was impressed by the representative. I was advised to take 3 courses: the Effective Communication course, the  Study Essentials course, Personal Integrity course, and 24 hours of auditing. I took it all. I decided to do it as best as I can, no matter what. Lucky for me, I arrived at the best place known to me today.

What were your goals when you started your journey at Clearing Center?

My goal was to be happy, which I had not been for a long time. I wanted to be clearer and more precise in my goals, more focused on life, and I desire a stable romantic relationship.

What achievements did you have from the courses and auditing?

Shortly after starting the courses I was promoted to customer service manager. The biggest result from the courses and the auditing is that I’m a completely different person now.

Much less irritable, able to listen, able to understand others. After the Effective Communication Course, I was able to confront all kinds of situations. I could express myself better, and I was able to reach Tone 40 and be at peace.

Today I’m able to start, change and stop things however I want!

I’m able to deal with my parents now without fearing they will influence me. For most people, their parents are a major source of problems. They have their own ideas and expectations, and because of our inability to confront, our parents might potentially bring us down. Of-course, they care about us and only want what’s best for us, but if you’re able to confront them, then it no longer brings you down.

And the most important achievement, I met my wife at Clearing Center. At that time, she lived far away, in Jerusalem, but that didn’t stop us. We decided to give it our best shot, and three months ago we married.

Have you done auditing together?

We did marriage counseling because we realized that it’s really beneficial and healthy for our relationship. We didn’t have problems, we just wanted to be above and beyond everything that might happen, and to make sure our relationship keeps blossoming. It really helped with that. There’s nothing we hide from one another, and we can communicate about everything!

When people don’t communicate it stirs complaints, problems, disagreements, too many expectations, lack of doingness, and many other things. Once you have the tools and the ability to deal with things, to share and react to one another, it reinforces the relationship and makes it much healthier.

Tell me, from your personal experience, how does Hubbard’s Tech differ from other methods?

It has practice, application, drilling.

Hubbard’s Tech allows you to actually do something with yourself. After you learn it, even if you don’t get auditing for 10 years, you still have the tools that become a part of you. It changes you. You become more yourself.

Tell me about your decision to become an auditor.

I began my auditor training a few months ago. In the beginning I did it purely for myself. I wanted to gain more knowledge and tools about dealing with life. During my training I had to train others, which in turn made me feel better. While I was helping them, I could see their wins, the look in their eyes, the progress they made. It changed my perspective on the profession. I came to realize that my goal is to help others, and I know for certain that I can do that with Hubbard’s Tech.

Which courses did you do?

I did all the courses I was advised to when I first arrived. I proceeded with the Positive Control Course, followed by the Student Hat Course, and now I’m doing the Professional TR’s Course

(Note: The Student Hat Course and Pro TR’s Course are Academy Courses that teach the original LRH Bulletins. These are not part of the LifePower library.)

How are you doing with the Pro TR’s course?

It goes great. I’m thrilled to study Hubbard’s original material. I have much deeper understanding of what communication actually is, I understand how real communication is conducted, how to close communication cycles, how to control the flow of conversation and comfortably experience what is being said. These tools, you need them for yourself to enhance your own life, and you certainly need them as an auditor who helps others.

Sounds great. Who are the people that come to study Hubbard’s Tech and receive auditing?

Everyone. Be it a 15-year-old kid who is just starting life and doesn’t know how to deal with it, or be it an elderly person who’s having problems with their children or grandchildren. There are people who lead a successful career, who want to improve their ability to manage their workers or to talk better to their clients. There are those who need guidance because they lost their way in life, or people who divorced and now need help with relationship, and people who are looking for a job. We have students from all walks of life, with different spiritual beliefs. There is no difference – everyone wants to improve their lives.

How do you explain that?

It has a positive effect on everyone. The only thing you need is to be willing to communicate with your auditor and to improve yourself. Only under these conditions will you be able to change.

Thank you, Shay. What are your plans for the future?

I want to be a good partner to my wife and to be a good father to my future kids.

I want to reach Clear, and then to reach the highest OT level possible according to Hubbard’s Bridge. I want to become the best auditor I can to help others experience similar wins.

Thank you very much, Shay! It was a pleasure to get to know you and to hear your experiences, and, as always, it’s exciting to hear our students’ wins.

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