Honza’s Scientology Journey – Part A

We are proud to introduce Mr Honza Schicker, Dror Center’s guest, coming all the way from Prague, Czech Republic.

Honza began his Scientology journey in 1993. Like many of us, hardships in life pushed him to search for ways to improve the situation. He came across an OCA test and thus arrived at the Prague Mission.

From Prague, Honza continued to Hamburg Org, Germany, where he was on staff for over a year. Despite the wonderful wins from the Tech, he soon began noticing many outpoints in the Org’s conduct. Honza continued at the Basel Org and even made it to the Freewinds in 2012.

Over the years, Honza made numerous attempts to fix things. He corresponded with the Exec Director International of the Church, but to no avail. He realized there was no hope for him to go up the Bridge. Until…

On his recent visit to Dror, he agreed to conduct a revealing interview with Dani Lemberger. Honza’s story is fascinating! Below you will find the first section of the interview, in which he goes into detail about his adventures in the Church.

Please join us with the link below. For your convenience, we have added subtitles. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Honza’s Scientology Journey – Part A”

  1. Hana Esentierova

    Honzi, to je moc dobře, že jsi tady, teď máš šanci vzlétnout :). Tady je to totiž možné. Super a huráááá na věc. :).

    1. Díky Hani!
      Až teď jsem objevil díky interview s Verunkou tyhle komenty.
      Máš úplnou pravdu – ve všem! 🙂

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