Honza’s Miracle

Several weeks ago, we introduced Honza Schicker who came to Dror Center from Prague, Czech Republic. Honza came to Dror, joined by his daughter Veronika and son Ondra, to resume his journey on Ron’s Route to Spiritual Freedom.

Honza began his Scientology adventure in 1993 at the Prague Mission. From Prague, Honza continued to Hamburg Org, Germany, where he was on staff for over a year. Honza enjoyed wonderful wins from Ron’s Tech, yet soon observed severe outpoints in the Org’s conduct. Honza left Hamburg but determined to go up the Bridge, he continued at the Basel Org and even made it to the Freewinds in 2012.

Over the years, Honza made numerous attempts to correct the severe deviations from Ron’s Tech that he witnessed. He corresponded with the Exec Director International of the Church and other senior terminals. All this led to threats against him, security checks, and ‘ethics handlings’ that only made things worse.

As a final attempt to get back on the Bridge, Honza made a trip to the Freewinds in 2012, but here too things only continued to deteriorate. Honza realized there was no hope for him to go up the Bridge … until a miracle occurred a few years later.

While Honza was at Dror, Dani Lemberger conducted a revealing interview with him. His story is truly fascinating! To make it easier for our viewers, we divided the interview into two sections. On 19 August 2022, we published Part A of the interview. Today, we present the second part where Honza tells us about the miracle that brought him back on the Bridge.

Please join us with the link below. For your convenience, we have added subtitles. Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “Honza’s Miracle”

  1. Thanks Honza for your moving story!!
    We loved having you and your wonderful family here on lines, making such a great progress!
    My admiration to you!
    Much love

    1. Thank you for your acknowledgment, Tami.
      I appreciate very much your support you give to me and whole my family together with Dani and all great Dror’s team. 🙂

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