Happy New Year and Let’s Help the World Communicate!

Happy New Year, Dear Friend! Here is Eitan Baitner.  I wish you lots of success, joy and happiness this coming year!

Ever since Dror Center was established by Tami and Dani Lemberger in 1992, our most successful action with new public was the Communication Course, based on Ron Hubbard’s TRs 0-4. The TRs offer immediate results, which motivate the students to take their first step on the Bridge.

Throughout the years, we have noticed that the Church’s materials for the Comm Course do not convey to the public the drills in an optimum way. This caused new students to misunderstand the subject and even led to blows from the course. We had to do something to make this Tech accessible to the broad public.

Dani Lemberger used the following HCOB to tackle the problem:

As the result, “The Complete Communication Manual” was written about a year ago. This book describes TRs 0-4 in a way that can be easily understood, and contains beautiful illustrations, supplying the mass. The Effective Communication Course is based on this book. That is what makes the Tech available to the new public and causes amazing results!

The book is used by new public at the LifePower Centers in Haifa, Tel-Aviv and Riga, Latvia, and by individual auditors from different countries. It was also used in Aviv’s trip to New Jersey.

During the last year, in Israel alone 200 books were sold! This means that about 200 new people have done the communication course, leaving the students delighted with the Tech!

Here is a couple of recent success stories from the course:

Daniel Mizrahi

Daniel Mizrahi:

“I am much more communicative thanks to this course.

I was in a very low place. I was sure there’s a problem with me, that I wasn’t good enough, and I showed it by being shy. I was too afraid to communicate and express my real thoughts. I couldn’t confront other people and difficult situations. Since starting the course, I finally understood what communication actually is. It sounds so obvious, but once you really understand it – you blossom! The communication drills helped me understand that if I want to achieve something, I need to work hard and go through some unpleasant things. I gained so much power that I feel totally different, and that I have amazing energy.

I have a big smile on my face now, and I understand that I’m a thousand times stronger than what I thought. I can achieve anything that I can think of using these drills.
I want to say a huge thank you to the incredible Emilia and Sofi and the entire amazing LifePower team!”

Ofer Katzir

Ofer Katzir:

“For 8 years I’ve been in the field of personal development, and this course is perhaps the most meaningful course I have ever done. A truly life changing course! It has a winning combination of theoretical knowledge and practical drills that helped me to really understand the importance of communication and allowed me to apply immediately the communication skills that I’ve acquired!

When I first started this course, I had many buttons that would go off in certain situations or when communicating with certain people. I would get nervous or feel intimidated and oppressed. Developing the skill to confront difficult communications, and the ability to be at ease with anyone and at any situation made me feel like I can overcome any challenge in my life!

I want to say thank you to the wonderful team of coaches, Emilia, Sofi and Eitan, and also to Dani and Carmela for exposing me to this amazing content.”

If you know a person you wish to help, you can deliver the Efficient Communication Course to them! Please respond to this email for details.

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  1. What an invaluable course to clean up and straighten out! So valuable and so life changing for me so many years ago!

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